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Thread: Nintendo switch allowed?

Started by: SmmisawsomeSmmisawsome

Yeah, I don't see any good reason why not, but the framerate is probably slightly slower and you'll lose a tiny bit of time. I think we should allow it until we see a problem with it

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Forum: Vs. Super Mario Bros.

Thread: I'm an idiot, and can't figure out how to start the game.

Started by: [Deleted user]

i've never tried openEmu, but on nestopia and fceu there's an "insert coin" hotkey you can set up. and if there's no insert coin on openEmu you can download a "VS super mario insert coin rom hack" on google, which is the same game but you don't need the insert coin feature on your emulator


Forum: Vs. Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Please help

Started by: SoloQSoloQ

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Fceu or Nestopia are very good options for this game, I recommend setting up a key for "insert coin" in either of those so every time you reset you don't need to use the mouse to insert a coin before you can play. this is not like lost levels or any FDS games where you have to download a BIOS and set it up. as for the ROM you can probably just google it shouldn't be hard to find