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This ended up just being released a month ago. This is very similar to Toontown Rewritten where you can just use this platform that perfectly replicates Vanilla 2009 Club Penguin. With this we can still be able to do Speedruns of banned% and 500 Coins and maybe All Missions if the creator of this implements the PSA or EPF soon.


Well 500 coins would be different from the current best times since Puffle Roundup is in the Pet Shop instead of the Puffle Park. All Missions should work on any CPPS which had PSA missions but it might be best to only allow one CPPS for consistency.

For Banned%, it would need to have the same account registration and activation system (I don't remember what CPRW uses)


There is this server called Club Penguin Legacy that's going to open that may have a more updated version of the game


Or you could use Virtual Penguin. It's an updated version, so you'd be able to do speedruns again.

Also, I have a few ideas for categories:
Thin Ice Any% (beat all levels as fast as possible)
Thin Ice 100% (cover all ice tiles in ever level)
Astro Blaster


Or you could "waddle on" and accept the fact that CP is dead and make a new category/game for CPR.


There should be a CPR speedrun site with missions seperately


I submitted CPR as a game on the boards. Hopefully it'll get accepted. 🙂


Hey people! Visit my website;). We offer you the best in tricks and CPRewritten guides, take a look!


UPDATE: So...Club Penguin Rewritten was rejected from the boards.

The reason: "The series mods have to decide whether or not to make the game."

So...mods? What do you want to do?

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Holy shit we already started with the spam?


No, not spam. I just wanted to update everyone about the current state of CPR on the boards.


So...mods? Have you read my update?


Even though I never played Club Peguin, I do enjoy this version.


I'm pretty sure that's it. While I really like CPR and all they do, there's a million issues with allowing CPR (or any private server) speedruns in the original game's categories. That's just not going to happen. And as far as a new separate game for CPR on this website... It just doesn't have the legitimacy behind it that the original did. Even if people were interested in running those categories it would be an extremely small amount of people interested and overall undoubtedly wouldn't have a lasting interest. Of course, there is a lot of joke/random games on, so who knows. But I don't think it's going to happen.

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Well, nhaar, I definitely ate my words here! I am glad to see there is interest still in Club Penguin speedrunning on Club Penguin Rewritten! For once it actually feels great to be wrong about something, lol. Thanks for the response and sorry I'm replying so late.

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