Is dcrons 2nd place run not a TAS or utilizing macros?


Bescause it looks like it to anyone with eyes


It does look very suspicious. I don't want to jump to any hasty conclusions as it is an approved run (And I will respect the mods decision), but even then I would like an explanation as to how he moves his mouse so quickly and fills out the forms so quickly.

It also seems a bit suspicious that he fills out every form nearly instantly with the exeption of the 'confirm you are not a robot' where he takes his time. But who am I, right? Just a nobody.

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Exactly way I saw it. The one time he has to do something he can't control (captcha) his typing is nowhere near as consistent with his 1000wpm bs he showed in the rest of the video


Yeah that looks either sped up or some sort of TAS. What's even more suspicious is that they have their coordinates on the computer under their cursor.


taken care of, i thought it was suspicious but i wanted to see if anyone else agreed with me before making a decision