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Today I got an INSANE run in Club Penguin. I got both a sub-40 and a sub-39 in one go. The time was 38.18.

Only problem being that the coins earned at the end said 495 when I in actuality got 539. Here are some screenshots:

Coins Earned:
Last Puffle Herded:

After I saw this I wondered if it had given me my 539 coins, or if it gave me the 495 coins. Turns out that it actually gave me 495 Coins!

The run before the sub-40: (Lost due to clicking finish early):

The sub-40:

I suppose I should get to why I'm posting this. I want to

1. Open up discussion over how to abuse this glitch. For example find a way to get the game to give you 500 coins even though you didn't earn it.

2. Discuss whether or not my run is still valid.

EDIT: I am going to sleep now, but I will be able to provide any information about the run and/or previous runs after school tomorrow.


Based on the gameplay it's unquestionably 539, really weird glitch.