Get a Boyfriend/Girlfriend%?
8 years ago
Maryland, USA

I see 500 coins is a category but where the heck is the ever important Get a Boyfriend/Girlfriend%? It seems that a large part of Club Penguin is really weird boyfriend/girlfriend or mother/baby roleplay, so I think it deserves representation on the leaderboards. It would be great! Timing starts on logging in and ends when you kiss your new significant other.

Helpful guides to put in the Guides section: (I couldn't find one for kissing your boyfriend but I'm sure the gf one will work fine)

Any suggestions for how to improve this awe-inspiring category will be greatly appreciated.

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Maryland, USA

This is an incredible idea, and you have a large penis just for thinking of it. Kudos

Kansas, USA

I'm a year late but this is excellent.

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