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Thread: PC Port?

Started by: copkecopke

Why is there no option for the PC port? It is an official release for the game so I believe it should be on the leaderboards.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: How do you automatically fill the Player 1 slot in settings?

Started by: copkecopke

I see that you can enter your name in player 1 or click player 1 to enter your name, is there any way to configure something in settings so that it will automatically fill it?


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Thread: How do I add something to my game?

Started by: copkecopke

So I speedrun Plague Inc: Evolved and I need to add something to the leaderboard. Since there are lots of ways to beat the game with different types of diseases, I need to add an option to select what disease you used, but I have no clue how do to do it.