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So, I just noticed that my run was added here (which is fine).

However, I notice the rules state that timing starts when you hit "start game" on the car select screen, which is not how I timed my runs. I always waited until the screen where you can select the option "I know enough, onward to Omek Prime!"

This was done so runners could have a chance to decide whether they wanted to restart due to not getting the main objectives they were looking for (Some are much better/faster than others) without having to stop/restart their timer every single time.

In addition, stopping the timer was always done when the final dialog screen pops up after the final boss dies, rather than having to click through both dialog boxes before stopping it.


Sorry for the delayed response, kinda missed that you posted.

For the timing method, I just went with something that felt natural to me, but I'm totally willing to switch timing over to your method.

Since nobody is running this atm anyway, should be fine 😃

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