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Last few weeks I got my recording hardware and software to work so I have been able to start record my gameplay. Most likely I will slow down my research of the game for a period of time because april-aug is an hectic time for me with some other family-oriented projects going on so think I will have to slow down my progress during this period. I just want this to get posted. I want to share it with you guys and also hopefully get even more help to figure out some things about this game that I still do not understand.

This thread is an attempt to try to summarize all possible timesaves I can find.

Don´t know how well it will work as a forum thread since this is my first post but I will try.
I was originally planning to do this summary more in detail with more videos and spreadsheets, will see if I can add it later on.

Please share your best times and fill out with Ideas for improvements. I am planning add things to this summary when doing progress.

Here is a list of possible time saves on angrylanks 9.48.650 WR (in seconds) I can see for each stage. The criteria is that it has to be possible to pull of with Original equipment in real time. However, I do not believe anyone will pull everything of in a single segment run, but I think it should be possible run through each stage this fast and it is pretty much recorded improvements. I am not sure it is possible to combine all the improvements of Energy Zone and Hangar but other than that there is proof of everything as I see it.

Jungle: 0-0,1?
Base 1: 1,3
Waterfall: 0-0,2?
Base 2: 2
Snowfield: 1,35
EZ: 1,15
Hangar: 1,18
Alien´s lair: 0,45
Possible timesaves 7,43s (end time 9.41.57). Time saves in jungle and waterfall not included.

I would like to claim that this is my sum of best segments, if stages is split up into segments. I think my sum of best segments might actually be sub 9.40 but I have to record many more attempts and time segments more carefully to really do that statement. I have studied many of DKs and Angrylanks any% runs now and compared it with my own gameplay and I haven´t seen any short segments yet that I have not done equally fast myself. However I think Dks and Angrylanks best complete Base times is better than mine, but I believe I can do what they can do if I keep practice/grinding this.

I think this is a summary of what my sum of best segments are for now. Not my best splits/stages.

Lets break it down stage by stage:

Possible save 0,1s?

Is it possible to save time on the boss?
I just tried to compare DKs 9.55 run with Lanks 9.48 run and I did measure DKs to be about 0,5-1 tenth of a second faster.
More research needed to conclude anything. Have not recorded and timed this fight myself yet.

Base 1
Possible save 1,3s

I did simply did a spread sheet of my old 10.17 run, Lanks 9.48 and Dks 9.53 run and time all the rooms individually. Dks 9.53 had the fastest room 1-2. My old 10.17 run had the fastest room 3 and lanks had the fastest room 4-5. The best sum of all the rooms was 1,223 s faster. I think I have seen the boss being killed about 0,1s faster as well so I think 1,3 seconds faster is very possible. I think lanks has a very good split in one run I saw, need to find it and study it and time it. I believe something like 2 seconds faster should be possible as well. «Simply just need» to have to get a 6-wave rythm or more through each room and comparing more runs.
Have not been comparing runs here yet.

Base 2
Possible save 2s

I found this to be the hardest stage to keep up with the record. I can often get 4-5 seconds slower than the record here when I get the glitch on the boss Even if I know I can pretty much do all the rooms individually faster. The variation of your speed (spread) in these rooms are enormous. Its easy to loose 1 or 1,5s on the first room alone even if you mash at a very high level if your buttons are registered on the wrong frames. Have only got 1-2s off from the record of Base 2 a few times (non-recording), have not tied it yet. However I know it should be possible to beat it even faster. But this stage is a lot more complex than Base1, so nail everything perfectly would be insane, so many perfect buttonpresses needed that you can´t really have control over. And mashing faster is an important key so you can´t practice this stage over and over again becuase your arm will give up. In Base 1 a single line of bullets is always the best. In Base 2, room 2 and 4 you want to have a semi-good rythm with some waves of bullets being of two or three bullets per wave in order to complete the rooms in the fastest way possible I believe.
Angrylanks did this so well in Room 2 when he hit two eyes at the same time with his waves, this is very difficult to do and I have problems doing it. I often think I have good waves and a good position but it do not work and I don´t know why I sometimes succeed, sometimes I fail. So far I always seems to get a slow room 1 and/or room 3 if I get a fast room 2 when recording.

When I measure DKs 9.53 with Angrylanks 9.48 it seems the sum of each best room would be about 1,8s faster if we could combine them. After measuring some of my own recordings I get some of the rooms even faster than these two runs. In total I have got a combination of 2,1s of improvements comparing Lanks and DKs 9.53 with my own recordings so far. But I know there is more to find I believe. I would not be surprised if 4 seconds of total improvement could be possible in theory, but nailing it in a single playthrough of Base 2 I don´t see realistic. But maybe 1-2 seconds faster might be possible.

Possible save 1,35s

1,35s breakdown
Yolo jump: 0,3s
Tanks 0,2s
Frezy jumps 0,15s
Boss 0,7s

Lanks stops for about 0,3s at the Yolo-jump spot.
I did some recordings of doing the jump strategy at the tanks and I measure I can spray them down about 0,1s for each fight. Need more recordings though, I am still not sure the jumping strategy is faster, they are similar. It is difficult to time the tanks though.
For the boss fight. In Lanks run the boss did appear in the middle so the luck was not the best.
DKs 9.55 run was 0,65s faster when I timed it. I was able (when recording) to get a kill that was 0,767s faster when I measured it using a 1 jump strategy (instead of 2 jumps) I thinks the fastest possible way to kill this boss is to get the best possible single line of bullets before the fight and start firing the boss from the ground and finish the boss when you starts going down from the top of the first jump. This way you do not loose any bullets between the first and second jump.
I am not sure the single jump strategy is faster, they might be equally fast. More reaserch and data necessary.

Energy Zone
Possible timesave 1,25s

don´t stop before jumping the first gap can save about 0,15s.
Leap of faith about 1s(?)
Double leap of faith saves another 0,2 but might be very unrealistic and stupid to try 😊 (Do not include this timesave in the total.
Best recorded boss fight I have measured so far 0,1s faster.

Possible timesave 1,18s

Stop for second spikehammer 0,35 is not necessary
Stops for spike second time for 0,4s
Stops for walls end of barrier not necessary 0,18s
Better timing of paustrick for last spike section? 0,15s. Used DKs 9.55 run to measure possible time saves here.
Perfect boss kill can save 0,1s

Have some more research to do for both EZ and hangar, don´t know if it is possible to combine all these timesaves in a single run. We need to simulate this in a TAS or pull of the perfect run to make sure I guess.

Alien´s lair
I got a measured 0,45s faster midboss kill recorded. Many of my kills seems to be in a 0,2-0-3s range faster. Additionally I figure out how to do one less jump before the midboss.

Have not recorded a faster final boss kill yet.

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Love the breakdowns, frezy

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