The main Any% and the slower US version
6 years ago
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I will throw this out there that the Legend of Zelda community now has sub-categories for the different versions within the main category names. This was done recently because version differences were found to be too dissimilar (as with here).

Possibly a sub-categorization can be done if people want it.

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I was speaking of The Legend of Zelda (NES) board.

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From what I've heard, and from what I've experienced, playing the first loop of J Contra is the same difficulty level as playing 2nd or 3rd loop of USA Contra. Can anyone else verify this?

If that's true, then they are not the same experience, beyond just the graphical differences and level transition skip.

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There are discrepancies in certaIn bosses hit points so that is a big reason for there being separate categories. It technically isn’t exactly the same.


1- For Any%, at the time of writing, the rules says that only the NTSC and J are allowed! But the Japan runs are obviously not since they goes to another LB! That is not accurate.

2- The Any% should include Japanese version.

3- The Japanese Version category is banning US version and there is absolutely no need to have a category that bans the US, it is just a bit different and slower. We should create categories in every game to ban every slower versions?

4- When differences are so small, it just feels wrong to actually go for both times, and filters are usually used for that.

The easy fix for this would be to correct the name of the categories to : 1- Any%, US version 2- Any%

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