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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Best controller options for emulator?

Started by: FintendoFintendo

I used a Xbox 1 controller to run for awhile before getting a cap, but I have to say they seem to break kinda easy after intense use. Like I played a lot for maybe 4 months and the d pad is pretty broken drops inputs and the b button is smashed in from mashing. Could probably fix this easily, but would be cheaper to use a better controller imo, also very different feel... at that point I might as well be a nerd and use a keyboard for optimal inputs ~


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Best controller options for emulator?

Started by: FintendoFintendo

The only thing I have to say, is be careful with the Buffalo controllers. Depending on what u are trying to do they may give u some complications. I run a RPG game that requires a lot of diagonal inputs, and my friend has one of the buffalo controllers but it doesn't pick up diagonal inputs which makes it impossible to play Not impossible but very frustrating to speedrun

SO if it is JUST for SMB1 u should be totally fine, just be aware for some reason his controller was having a hard time mapping directionals Just wasn't doing it and I have heard of other people having this issue as well. Good controller other than that, I would probably just get an adapter to use a liscensed SNES controller tho personally


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Thread: No Glitches Allowed, a glitchless speedrun marathon

Started by: SloaTheDemonSloaTheDemon

Yooo Zheal, or maybe a Gintatsu project I am hearing v0oidOk


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Thread: Can i press up, left or up, right at the same time??

Started by: SkyangelPRSkyangelPR

"Turbo, emulator specific functionality and techniques that simultaneously press Up+Down or Left+Right are all banned." There are specific rules and definitions on the alttp speedrun wiki, at the end of the categories section. I will admit, I don't know the rules about posting links... however you can find the wiki if you look in the guides section here for alttp on Speedrun. Also a lot of other good resources here, as well as a link for the discord I believe.

Goodluck and have fun on the runs.

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Thread: 836k for Max Pop is Possible...

Started by: CzaRCzaR

I don't know much about the run/route yet but interested/interesting. Maybe with some routing it could become more feasible?


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Thread: fastest times not on these boards

Started by: essbaaessbaa

I think it is so funny to say a record is, "invalid" if it is not on SR.... Well I guess rip to all the illegitimate Megaman and Donkey runs. Not to mention the guy who had WR in Taz Mania on youtube for mad long and no time submitted to SR

Also I am pretty sure there are people who have amazing runs that never submit times or even take video proof, as my friend was telling me of a buddy of his who speedruns games for fun, but pretty sure does not record because he simply doesn't care enough to compete with anyone except for the game and himself lol which is what it should be to begin with

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Forum: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Thread: What emulator do you recommend?

Started by: HoryHory

Emu is pretty bad for speedrunning this game honestly, at least 10x better (if not more) just getting a console.

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Forum: Taz-Mania

Thread: New Strat

Started by: RagingRedneckRagingRedneck

Judging by that instant sub 50 I would assume the new tech works lol, I have to say I have kinda noticed this does seem to be the case when I play so I wouldn't be surprised if that is accurate. Judging from the runs I have done of straight spamming the grab/eat button as opposed to the runs I have done not hitting anything but the run button.

It also does seem to help if you don't eat any of the other birds, but get rid of the other guys like the douche on the moe-ped that throws dynamite at you. I am not 100% sure how accurate this is but it seems like if there is too many sprites it is less likely to load a kiwi, but the other birds will make it so either it will spawn a gold one, or it will spawn what ever bird instead.

Like I said not 100% sure about that last bit but judging by the few attempts I have done, it seems to be the case.


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Thread: Where i can download rom?

Started by: Vlad2DVlad2D

You're not supposed to discuss rom sharing and stuff on check the rules

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Thread: Change Suspicion.

Started by: KingOf_JonnyBoyKingOf_JonnyBoy

Idk I guess I could understand that but based on the fact that you have never even finished a run yet it is certainly a little weird to just bring up lol


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: someone did it, but it's suspicious...

Started by: BluemlittlemBluemlittlem

lol what anyways I think cheating is pretty pointless, does look a little suspicious but grats.
The split times are just insane though, did you use like a turbo to start and stop times lmao?