Cadence of Hyrule (Category Extensions) Forum  /  [2020-11-25] Re-sub-categorizing

Hey there folx!

I'm working on reorganizing the boards such that the Modified category will eventually be rolled into everything's main categories and using this as a testing ground for applying it to the main leaderboards.

Things will be a bit messy for a while until I'm sure that all the relevant data of Modified (Seeded) runs are fully integrated (which isn't many overall, but it's important that your runs don't become invisible just because they miss out on receiving the value for these effectively new subcategories).

If you have any questions/concerns, please leave them below or DM me on the NecroDancer/Cadence of Hyrule Discord. Please be sure to mention that you're DM'ing me in regards to this post so I know you're not a bot or creep. 😃