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Verification freeze lifted!

The verification freeze for Cadence of Hyrule is over! SRC have added the ability to enable/disable Run Comments on a game-level scale (rather than user-level), which I'll be setting to "Disabled" since I don't think they have notifications or enough moderation tools in order for us moderators to be able to babysit comments sections.

While I'm still not happy with how this entire saga played out, they've listened to the users & especially the game-moderators on here and provided us with at least that "Disable on game" option.

Other "features", such as the new layouts hiding our dozens of Full-game categories behind arrowed "scroll bars" and limiting the view to 3-5 Main Categories at once, will likely be a bit of a further hinderance to getting runners involved and filling out more of these leaderboards, but at least things won't be a moderation nightmare like comments.

We'll weigh our options as a community going forward if a competitor to comes out, but for now, SRC will be a fine enough home to showcase Cadence of Hyrule.

So, with that all said, feel free to submit runs here again! ?

Verification Freeze & Run comments privacy

In solidarity with other communities doing the same, I'm putting a freeze on CoH verifications on SRC due to how they've massively dropped the ball with this latest update to the site (not just comments, but also invasion of privacy with things like everyone's profiles displaying what leaderboards/forums they were recently viewing and seemingly more community discoveries of how they just put out this update without beta testing or conferring w/ the users and have been silent for the last week or so).

As much time as I've already sunk into updating these leaderboards, I don't want to sink any more time if it's on its way out the door in favor of whatever new centralized speedrunning site gets built up in the coming months.

However, if they do actually listen to community demands/desires, then the freeze will be thawed and business will go back to usual for verifying runs. Until then, hold onto your VoDs and make sure to highlight and/or export them so that, once things are in a more stable state (either w/ SRC or a new site), then we can get the ball rolling again.

Today, SRC has made some changes to the recent changes that help mitigate the issue of comments on runs. However, it's not really all that good of a solution (what if someone only submits one run ever and then never returns, or if they leave the community or especially SRC?), so the verification freeze will remain in place for the time being.

However, you're able to disable the privacy concerns on your own account (comments on your runs and hiding your followed games sidebar on your profile) in the Settings > Privacy subsection.

Regardless, if you see any runs that have comments on them that go against SRC, Cadence of Hyrule, or CoNDOR community guidelines, please ping me either on here or on Discord and I'll try to moderate them as soon as I'm able. While it's maybe a bit less of a disaster now, it's still rife for abuse.