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I ran a 1:03 and fury ran a 1:07 than when I submitted my run it went in as a 1:13 which I wasn't upset about but than I timed fury's run and it was a 1:15 in real time and a 1:07 in game time

My run in no gums pack a punch for moon was a 1:03 (1:13 real time), but 1st places run was a 1:07 (1:15 real time).... and I have second

I would appreciate if someone could re time fury's run in real time


  Super ModwobeT

Hey sorry for the late response. If no one has taken care of this issue by the time I return home i will gladly retime the runs and resolve the issue.


  Super ModwobeT

I retimed both your run and fury's and got the following times
You: 1:13.11, 1:13.36, 1:13.34
Fury: 1:17.57, 1:17.24, 1:17.39

I would have timed it more but since there is a 4 second difference ill just go ahead and change the times on the leaderboards.
Once again sorry for how long it has taken me to resolve this was on a family vacation without the timer I am used to.

Congrats on the run,