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Here we have reviewed the most popular hair dryer, Remington by pro flatiron. As you can see, the it is the model made by Remington that combines remarkable performance and low prices. Here is a brief summary of his strengths and weaknesses.

Even when you buy a small appliance of very common use as a hair dryer, it is good to pay attention to some of its important features and make a careful comparison between the many models on the market so as to buy the hair dryer that best suits your needs.

The best professional hair dryer we place at the top of our list is the Remington model. Ideal for a perfect crease like that of the salon but made at home, this hairdryer generates 90% more ions than other Remington models to give brightness to the hair and avoid frizz.

It is light enough, manageable, has a powerful 2300 W engine that ensures a strong jet, adjustable three temperatures and two speeds, and that dries quickly without inflating the hair while maintaining normal noise.

Keep in mind that, Remington is the most popular hair dryer available this year, and has also been listed in the 10 best hair dryers of 2018 by pro flat iron (source: ), because of its advanced features likes negative ion which makes it super fast.

It has a very long 3 m cable and an interesting three piece set: wide spout for quick drying and a narrow spout for the fold.

The rear grille detaches with a slight pressure allowing easy cleaning of residues that may damage the engine over time.

Given the affordable price at which it is offered, for us turns out to be the best blow dryer.