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Pretty quick:

Skip to 33:25 (or 33:17 on the clock):
Watch his ammo count while hes killing the apache and the two dudes, it goes down to 3, he keeps on shooting, loops back to 100 and is at 96 where he then manual reloads. Hes cheating unlimited magazines.


Great catch. I noticed he gets a pick up of ammo on the exact frame he would have been at 0 ammo. Unless this happened more than once during the run, I think he encountered a very rare bug that skips reloading if you get ammo on the same frame. I'll talk to him about it.


You're right, it looks like he's picking up the ammo on the same frame where he hits 0, didn't notice that.
Maybe we just found a new bug, let's find some ways to abuse it 😃