Seeing how no one has a run in this category, I assume it's doing all the secondary missions?

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Quickly off the top of my head it would be completing all secondary objectives.

I can't remember if data pack things contribute anything to additional completion status.

The current any% run just does the basic primary objects iirc


I've set 100% as getting 5 Stars on every mission as it makes the most sense. There's four in-game requirements to get them:

1) Beat the mission under a certain time
2) Complete all secondary objectives
3) No reloading from saves
4) Play on Commando difficulty

It may or may not require 5 stars on all four categories to have 5 stars overall. I'll check this when I can. If it doesn't, the definition could be changed to 5 stars on everything (since that would fit '100%' better). Depends on what the runners think.


I noticed something while watching some runs. Even if you reload from the auto-save at the start of the mission, it still counts it as a reload. Does using the restart button do the same?


Regarding requirement #3: "No Reloading during the same mission." The Rules section was a bit unclear as I interpreted it as Reloading Weapons; not Saves. It wasn't until I read this Forum Post did it make sense. Consider rephrasing.


Thanks, I'll update it for clarification.

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