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So All Endings is arguably the toughest category in the game and requires the runner to beat every single ending.

We had some talks on the discord however I do not believe they fully made it to the board so this post will serve as a clarification for anyone who wants to run this category.

1. Resets
Resets are 100% allowed, the entire game is an RNG gauntlet which will determine if you even have a live run at this point. In most cases resets will be ideal since it is technically possible to lock yourself out of certain endings if you attempt the safe strats. It's also faster in general.

Arguably the most important part of the run, this doesn't change

3. Order of Approach
Runners call

4. When is an ending considered done?
The most important part of all of this, previously we tried to mark the particular flags that will give you the ending in the ending list however there is a problem with this since players who are using the Wii VC or the original hardware have no way of resetting the status on the ending list so it's not accurate to hit the flag every time.
The way we will consider an ending being finished is final action + a slight waiting period
Final Action is the last input in the game, most endings end in a panic event.
Waiting Period will be a short amount of time after the final action to confirm you actually got the proper ending.

For each ending the Final Action(FA) and Waiting Period(WP) are defined as

S: FA - Mary Panic segment, WP - Crows on Mary
A: FA - Floor 3 button press, WP - until Jennifer exits the elevator.
B: FA - Mary Panic segment, WP - Once Mary starts being Electrocuted
C: FA - 2nd Mary Panic segment, WP - immediately following Mary falling down
D FA - Running out of elevator, WP - After Mary Kills you
E: FA - Floor 3 button press, WP - Bobby drops in
F: FA - Elevator button entry, WP - Blood exits elevator
G: FA - 3rd Car door action, WP - Immediately upon action
H: FA - 3rd Car door action, WP - Immediately upon action

5. Why have a waiting period?
The WPs listed aren't too long after each ending and just gives a slight confirmation to what happens especially since so many of the games endings end in the same location and only have minor differences. Reasons for each include

S: Crows and a friend living signify the ending, it happens almost instantly. Needed because B is similar
A: The only ending that requires you to enter the shack and avoids the Dad. We end this after the elevator exit because the last action is the button press, this can potentially lead to an E ending however if there was a misstep so be sure to exit the elevator and continue onto the next one
B: Electricity is clearly B, similar steps to S however and it happens almost instantly as well just verify there was electricity
C: The only one with the ladder, make sure mary falls off so you pass the panic check.
D Technically if you take some wrong steps you can end up with the C ending, make sure Jennifer gets stabbed here before continuing
E: Has you die in the elevator, while it ends with a button press you need to make sure you didn't discover the truth so you have to die in the elevator or at least see bobby.
F: Confirm you never entered the elevator with a pool of blood, if you enter the elevator and don't die you didn't get F.
G: Doesn't need a WP since the car endings are fairly unique, seeing both friends die is enough of an indicator since we physically see the cutscenes during this run.
H: It's a Beeline there is no scrutiny here

6. Timing
Timing starts upon beginning the first ending and ends on final input on the last ending. The timer will not stop at all once you have the first ending completed, you are allowed to reset the timer along with your first run resets since you may just count it as a new run, however anything onward must be continuous

7. Other notes
The only real goal is you need to achieve every ending in this game, meaning continues are allowed(they may waste or save time depending on how they are used) this is valuable because it allows for us to get certain endings FED immediately with each other since they share certain flags and allow continuing to adjust them.

Questions that will probably come up

Q: Why not use the proper ending flags instead of these FAs and WPs?
A: We can't base it on achieving the ending flag because there is no way to confirm it for console/VC players without buying a brand new copy of the game

Q: What if I ignore the WPs and submit anyway?
A: most of the WPs are almost immediately following the FA barring the A D and E endings. the time after isn't that much and will be seen as required since it's not guaranteed you hit each flag until we see a hint of the ending. If there is no way to tell the ending will deviate it will not be accepted.

Q: What order should I do this in?
A: Your call, I recommend you space G and H in between harder runs so you have some control over what happens. Having FED follow each other is the best option to essentially skip having to run E and D normally

Q: Why do we need new rules?
A: The rules currently listed aren't actually reflected accurately in the slightest for any of the runs on the board. 2/3 of the runs have resets, 1 of the runs uses individual ending timing but is kept around for legacy reasons and because the time is way longer than the other two.

Q: Can I take a break mid run?
A: As long as you don't stop the timer sure go for it

Thoughts and opinions?

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