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Clarity on Warping

Hey Everyone,

Nescard and I were chatting and it seems there was some confusion on when/where warping is allowed, specifically in the 'All Levels' category.

My interpretation of the rules is that warping is NOT prohibited in either '1 Loop' or 'All Levels'.

However, in '1 Loop' warping provides no benefit. This is because when you warp, you go forward multiple cities and therefore a city is skipped (the current rules state you must complete all six cities). Warping would also not help on the final stage, Tokyo, because the winning condition is painting the final tile.

In 'All Levels', my understanding is that you may warp in any level, and it counts as completing the stage layout.

If everyone is in agreance with that interpretation, perhaps it may be worthwhile to add a bit more detail to the 'All Levels' rules to reflect the above.

Cheers, -Bissmark

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I think the rules for '1 Loop' should just say "Warps are not allowed." I'll add that in tonight.

As for the 'All Levels' category, after being informed by link_7777 about the warping process, I honestly think that if warps are permitted for 'All Levels' there should also be an 'All Levels (Warpless)' category. My 'All Levels' run currently has no warps, and I think the challenge of completing all 16 unique road layouts without warping is something that should exist. Just something to think about for now.

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I agree with everything said here. '1 Loop' was an effort to move away from 'any%', which makes no sense in this game. Having All Levels warpless is OK with me. I think All Levels may need to be called '16 Stage' or '16 ____' whatever ___ is. All Levels may be the warpless category, since you are actually completing every level.


1 Loop 16 Stage (allows warps) Complete All Levels (no warps allowed)

I really want 'Complete All Towns' to work, just so we could call it CAT. Thoughts?


Yes I'm all for this.

Perhaps 'Complete All Tracks'? 🐱

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Thank you Bissmark for finding the T word I needed.


So an interesting scenario unfolded in the run I just submitted. The cat appeared on the very last tile in Tokyo and it got me thinking.

What happens if you get the double KO in Tokyo where you clear the final tile and die at the same time?

I'm of the opinion that the run should not be considered completed until you respawn and the music starts playing. What do you guys think? Perhaps this needs to also be clarified in the rules.

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The game ends when you lose control of your car on Tokyo to trigger the post-stage cutscene. The run is not finished once all the tiles are covered, since that happens before the post-stage cutscene


Thanks Lack!


Hey Everyone,

I thought I would post a little guide on how warping works as this information isn’t readily available anywhere. Thanks to Link_7777 for helping demystify some of these. If there’s anything else I missed or anything I said that needs correction, please let me know.

Warping Guide—

How to warp: Get 3 balloons.

What does warping do?: It warps you forward either 2 or 3 cities (50/50 chance of either 2 or 3) but it only ever warps you forward 1 stage layout. So for example, if you warped in stage 1 (New York City), you may either end up in Paris or Frankfurt, but the stage layout you get will be stage 2 (which is traditionally London without warps).

Neat warp tricks— Balloon global timer: In any given stage, the balloons spawn on a global timer. It is believed the timer starts somewhere around stage screen transition. The first balloon will spawn after 29.8 seconds; balloons following spawn every 34.1 seconds. The global timer resets to 0 upon death and restarts during the countdown when starting again. The timer continues to run even as the game is paused. For a good example of how this works, refer to Link_7777’s All Levels run as he uses it many times.

London 11 oil trick: If you are in the London stage, and have an oil count of 11 when you grab a balloon, a second balloon will spawn immediately. This can be done repeatedly as long as you have 11 oil each time you grab the balloon.

Paris hearts: If you are in the Paris stage, you can summon a heart which counts as a balloon. To do this, you must have an oil count of 0, and you must press B while the car in a turning motion. You will see a small heart spawn. The heart will continue to spawn for the remainder of the stage even if you have now picked up oil.

Tokyo rabbit: In the Tokyo stage, you can summon a rabbit which counts as a balloon. To do this, you must jump over a spike wall. The spike wall appears when you get trapped by the cat on a single level. To initiate this purposely, you can just move back and forwards several times until you see the cat appear multiple times, a spike will appear from the bottom of the ground—these spikes will continue to spawn as long as you remain on that level. When you jump over the spike, a rabbit will spawn from the sky and head downwards towards your car. Once you get the rabbit or he flies off screen, a second rabbit will immediately follow. Getting the rabbit can be tough as his movement is a bit unpredictable; he generally moves downward towards the centre of the screen but can stray left or right.

FYI--- NYC UFO: Sometimes a UFO can appear in the New York City stage (it's not clear to me how this spawn works). This is an extra life, not a balloon.

FYI-- Paris Shooting Star/Comet: I am not certain how this spawns, but it does not appear to do anything (you can see it on stage 15 of my All Levels run in 21:09).

I think that should cover most of it!

Cheers -bissmark

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Hello. I know I'm new, and also I am TMNT expert player. But the thing is that I love this game and I enjoyed a lot. I was reading NESCard and I thing I would love to see the 16 Levels Warpless category, I think if somebody beat it like that, possibly is more effort to do it. Well you are the experts and masters of the game, I'm just a happy player, but that category for the players that have completed could be something. Also Bissmark thanks for that excellent guide and things of the stuff that happens in the game.

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I think the stuff Bissmark posted seems correct. As for categories I think all stages and all stages (warpless) are appropriate. 16 stage also works, but I still like all stages. The warp doesn't actually skip any stage it just ends the one you're on, so you still visit every stage.

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Is a new category coming? Thanks to Tig that got the new WR? Let's see what happens.


With the arrival of a new speedrun using warps throughout, it appears the time has finally come to create a Warpless category for all stages. I am moving all warpless runs over to the new category. Players going for a warpless run on all 16 stage layouts are also welcome to submit the time they achieve on the first 6 levels, effectively playing 2 categories at the same time. Enjoy!

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New Warp Manipulation Strat

Hi All! I'll give you the short and long version of a warps manipulation strat I found because I think it is really interesting to know about the inners of CC. I'll let Bissmark edit it down to just what is needed for the main warps guide.

Short Version You can consistently warp 3 stages ahead If you press Select at the beginning of your run and hold it for the entire run. I tested this in TAS and Bissmark was able to implement it in a new WR run

Long Version A criticism of the warps run is that a lot of it is heavily luck based. Ideally, you want to be able to warp back and forth between Tokyo and Paris from level 4 to level 16; but getting this perfectly is like having 13 coin flips go your way...the odds are 1 in 8,192.

Link_7777 was able to figure out that the game basically had a toggle switch that decides if you would warp 2 or 3 cities ahead. Every time you press a button in CC the toggle flips to the other position. A genius may be able to keep track of their inputs and thus know what the toggle is set at...but that is probably not an option for any of us. But I came across a work around.

I was messing with fceux's TAS Editor and I noticed that if a button was being held down you could press other button without moving the toggle switch between 2 or 3 cities. I went back to the start of the game and had the TAS hold down Select the entire run (select isn't needed during runs, so it can be held down the entire time without issue.) When select was held for the entire run, the TAS warped ahead 3 stages every single time, regardless of the other inputs I made during the run. Which means the toggle starts at 2 stages, pressing Select moves it to 3 stages, and holding it down prevents the toggle from moving.

How you can use this:

  1. If you can find a workable grip, Press and hold Select after you start your run. It is easiest to start holding select during the "Player 1" screen or while the clock is counting down before you start NYC. CC does not actually acknowledge button presses during those portions of the game, but if you are holding a button down it will read it as soon as it accepts inputs.
  2. If you have made it late in the run and want to ensure that the wars keep going your way; you can start holding Select at this point. HOWEVER, you will want to press select and then press it again and hold (The first press will switch the warps from 2 or 3, then the second will switch it back to what it was when you came into the level, and holding will prevent it from flipping again. (NOTE: this has not actually been tested)

Dying does not seem to have any impact on this strat. As long as you keep holding select.

I would like to find an easier method of controlling warps; but this at least gives us something to work with.

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