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How will the runners be streaming? Do you have an RTMP server or something like that?

Any particular kind of runs you would/would not like to see?


Right, but how are you gonna capture ¤my¤ stream? I stream to you, you stream to the world, I follow. But how does that first part happen? If you're not using RTMP, are you having runners stream to some other service than twitch?

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Hey guys, apologies, but I have some IRL business on the weekend of the marathon and can't run. Please remove my run from the schedule.


dont need to, the "marathon" is already over. Rayblue just streamed your submission video and called it a marathon, which is not even close to what a marathon is.

@superspyro64 might want to deal with that


Considering its against twitch terms of service, yeah, I would look into dealing with that. Would not advice on letting that go. I adviced paulister to report him with twitch on account of it, just so you know

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Please don't ruin Spyro's marathon, thanks

  [user deleted]

Okay guys it's not my fault! Every mod was busy for themarathon's day and Spyrohad a lack of internet and the marathon's server crashed, for that he also closed the Discord. Then he asked me at the last second to stream the marathon on my channel because he could not login with the marathon account don't blame me, also this:


Wait what the hell, this already happened? It only just showed up on the site.


It didnt emerald. Rayblue restreamed submission video's without authorization from the users, which is against article 8.2 of the twitch terms of service. Rayblue has already been reported both here on and on twitch on account of it. Where it goes from here I cant say, but I'll leave it at that.


Yea, I just knew he was literally setting himself up for a lot of shit, but quite clearly, I didnt see the point. I was just trying to let the marathon die, but He literally would'nt stop. Honestly, it would've been a 100% pointless to actually do a marathon for this charity/cause on not the right date, and I was not willing to experience the stress of running a full marathon with a horrendus stream quality, and i would've felt like it was pointless. I shouldnt've giving the marathon to rayblue, and We should've just let the marathon die. He also would'nt stop bothering me with exactly what he was doing, and It kinda went to shit after that. He was mainly trying to get the marathon going, and Now afterwards he kinda stole the basis of it. Granted, i should've realised whats been going on a bit earlier and kinda tighten down on what i do, But trusts literally a 2 way sword.


Btw, @Lonne, I had no idea he just streamed the submission video of Mikezis run. I wasnt paying a 100% attention, but I was looking at what he did, and now for what he just did, Idk what i was thinking when i modded him and stuff 😕

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