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Thread: Greetings out there!

Started by: KruxisKruxis

TAS's aren't allowed anywhere on the site 🙂 and I prefer glitches any% as well

Good luck with your runs! I hope you find something you enjoy

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Thread: Hellomeetcha

Started by: DrioidownDrioidown

anything i play if your a fan of web games and p&cs. very short very simple

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Thread: The Gift of Something

Started by: chryoyochryoyo

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What is it you celebrate? What did you get your friends and family this year? What did you ask for? If you celebrate something different could you tell me what it is?

My holiday is Christmas? Chrismas? Chryomas? Seriously I've never been able to memorize how this is spelt. WIth how its pronounced it should clearly be Chrismas right? BUT ITS NOT!
I asked for level 99 prayer in oldschool runescape... I never really ask for anything. I kinda just wanna play card games once a year with my family. Where I always cheat.

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Thread: Differences Between play and play+

Started by: BrofessorScalesBrofessorScales

Good luck! z goat! 🙂

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Thread: N64 Speed King

Started by: CaseywhoCaseywho

i think this is an interesting idea! the n64 era is popular around here so youll probably have a lot of trouble. but i wish you luck!

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Thread: Greetings.

Started by: JuonathJuonath

woop woop mario broooooooos

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Thread: Hi guys!

Started by: MajesticTartMajesticTart


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Thread: GoldenGemGames has emerged!

Started by: GoldenGemGamesGoldenGemGames

tasty nostaligaaaa

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Thread: Hey guys, Quick question.

Started by: b9kingb9king

you have a passion for shit games... i find it weird you phrase it like that but hey go for it!

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Thread: Planning to start practicing to speedrun a game, how is your life?

Started by: LuvuliLuvuli

My life is fine thank you!
A lot of games don't get much attention so it's good to see someone on it! Have fun with it!

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Thread: Hi I’m Chuck

Started by: Retro_ChuckRetro_Chuck

but do you own a nintendo 64.... HE OWNS A NINTENDO 64!!!!!! HES A COOL KID! EVERYONE LOVES CHUCK!
That's awesome! 😃 I hope YouTube works out for ya. My only suggestion is the obvious sm64 if your willing to put in the time. 😛

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Thread: Hello everyone Im Wilderjoe

Started by: wilderjoewilderjoe

dawn of war 2 the dawning of war
> ^ _ ^ < konbanwa! best of luck on your future runs


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Thread: Starting From Scratch..

Started by: ZacWattusHDZacWattusHD

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GAME OVER YEAAAH Hello! 🙂 Getting hype is something we know a lot about.

There are no standard programs you have to use. Use video of you playing the game. Most use an on-screen timer to help them know how long they've been running. You can find this stuff here. As for rules, they are stated on the site itself. Each leaderboard is given individual rules. Certain games need different rules. For the overall site, just be a decent person and don't cheat.


Forum: Cube Escape: Paradox

Thread: Chapter 2 - Any% Category

Started by: TasselfootTasselfoot

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Hello! 🙂 Chapter 2 will be added soon. I'm currently discussing the categories people would like before adding them. If you'd like to join the conversation, you can join our discord!

You can submit your run and I'll move it to the correct category when it's added. Cheers!


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Thread: Hello ;o

Started by: macispoopymacispoopy

hellooo megamans fan hype!

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Thread: Hi

Started by: HappyPants84HappyPants84

the happiest of pants may you party like a lobster


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Thread: Hey Hey

Started by: PatsrulPatsrul

hey pat! im more of an observer as well


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Thread: First Post

Started by: ryanthemusefanryanthemusefan

thats a really cool profile pic

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Thread: Quick question...

Started by: tHiAgOcHtHiAgOcH

no just record 🙂
there are certain mods who want you to stream it though 🙄

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