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Thread: Is there anything in speedrunning that gets on your nerves?

Started by: ZachoholicZachoholic

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Sorry, as I was saying. Cut scenes are amazing! I love cut scenes, but not in speedrunning. Super Mario 64 is a prime example of this. You have to wait an entire minute before the game even begins.For the speed runner, this is a wonderful resting point. For the viewer, it's boring. The point of watching a speedrun is to see skill and during that cut scene, the person doesn't really have to do anything. It has many pros and cons of course but I personally am not a fan of them in speed runs.

RNG ... Do I need to explain?

Koopa Troopa Beach short cut in Mario Kart 64. No matter what I do I just can't make it all 3 times. :'( Unless I have the power of weed shrooms and dank memes. Kreygasm Then again I can't even breathe without my memes.

Auto scrollers Same reason as cut scenes. I just really feel it takes away from the concept of speedrunning.

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Thread: Hi guys

Started by: PentaghastPentaghast

Hey hey! You go for it! 🙂

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Thread: Which are you?

Started by: DargourDargour

Solo in most games.
I wait until a game has been out for awhile so it's cheaper.
Depends on the game.


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Thread: Hi everyone :D

Started by: SenaGTSenaGT

Welcome to the site mate!


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Thread: New Silent Hill speedrunner

Started by: SephyMakesMusicSephyMakesMusic

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A category can be requested by speaking to mods. Either through social media account (located below their name) or by creating a thread connected to the game.

For example, first you'd go to the game you wanted. The names of the mods would be listed below.(indicated by the arrow in photo below) You'd click on a mod's name and contact them through a social media account.

Alternatively, you could click "forums" to create a conversation in the community about making it a thing. (Some mods tend not to check the forums however so this can be a bad idea.)

Welcome, I hope you have fun playing!


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Thread: Introduction

Started by: [Deleted user]

Hope to see you around more often! 🙂 Good luck with your runs.


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Thread: Hello!

Started by: ABootToTheHeadABootToTheHead

You go for it 😎


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Thread: Categories

Started by: chryoyochryoyo

So... I have to ask. Why don't you have categories for all the quests? Also, I know it seems silly but, what about the pet races? Shouldn't you also have categories for that? I mean it is part of the game and it's a race. That in itself is a speedrun. Anyways can't wait to hear back from you! 🙂

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Thread: Hi, I'm new!

Started by: TheAstoundingJohannTheAstoundingJohann


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Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo



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Thread: Hey - I'm a game developer.

Started by: JasonHeinJasonHein

That's awesome! Looks so cool! 😮 I wish you the best of luck!


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Thread: Pretty new to this - is it normal to make hundreds of mistakes when learning a game to spredrun?

Started by: ItsASquidItsASquid

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Uhhh... Actually! All you see on is the person's most successful run. In reality, they have failed the run thousands of times and made billions of mistakes in the process. So yes that is normal! 🙂 The biggest success you can have is when you've picked yourself up from failure over and over. Otherwise, it's just too easy. As for how long it takes to get to their level, most WR holders have been playing the game for 3 years, and still make mistakes! So I'd say around that.

Welp, you asked a question and looks like the speedrun community was more than happy to answer. In many ways and in many forms. Yet, all seem to say the same thing I did. So what do you think? Is it normal to fail? Welcome to speedrunning. >:)

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Thread: TheArcade is now OPEN!

Started by: gam3k3ygam3k3y

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Hey! Ya everyone struggles with a lot when they start out. I believe in you though! 😮 Remember it is about having fun and making friends along the way! Many runners I know have forgotten this.


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Thread: WonderCookie here

Started by: WonderCookieWonderCookie

Hey, wondercookie! Welcome to the party!

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Thread: I'm Bad At Introductions

Started by: Yelo_JelloYelo_Jello

I love bit trip runner! 😮 good luck hope to see you around!


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Thread: Hello! Just landed in the right forum.

Started by: ynotyoutynotyout

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Well well... Look who just joined and already holds several world records. 😛 Welcome to the community! The game you've shared doesn't appear very well known. Hopefully, someone joins you though! 🙂

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Thread: Hey everyone!

Started by: DrudDrud

I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see your runs! 🙂

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Thread: Hey everyone!

Started by: DrudDrud

Hello! 🙂 I'm so hyped when we have new runners YAAAAA!!! >:O Do you have any games in mind that you want to run? 😮

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Thread: Hey ladies, the party had arrived

Started by: JawdynJawdyn

Yo whats up! 😃 We're all garbage when we start good buddy. 🙂 Someday you'll hold WR. Kreygasm I believe in you. Go for it!

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