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Forum: Fireblob

Thread: I don't think you need "no splicing" in the rules

Started by: JPlayJPlay

Sounds like something a splicer would say.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Any short games I can speedrun?

Started by: carketycarkety

purring quest, yo noid 2, and out there somewhere are good short games on steam. My bad computer runs them. yn2 is free and the other 2 are on steam


Forum: Terraria

Thread: Add Bestiary and journey mode speedrun

Started by: KittyWubsKittyWubs

The difficult thing about beastiary is that there are various phases of unlocks. For instance some things would be ? until more enemy kills. Also there is golden varients of each critter so it seems like a bit of a nightmare to run but we'll see. I'd imagine runs would take upwards of 10 hours. I say we wait either til a first completion of the run or more information on wiki/discord.


Forum: Super Hexagon

Thread: Menuing guide?

Started by: chocolatecake5000chocolatecake5000

Is there a guide for any% menuing?


Forum: Dicey Dungeons

Thread: Should we allow EP 6 glitches?

Started by: chocolatecake5000chocolatecake5000

A very cool new glitch has been found by Tegron. It involves exiting to menu to save a lot of time. Basically the glitch involves exiting to map during the rule change after floor completion. It seems to pick a random spot on the map and not register collision. For instance moving over a monster or reuse of an upgrade station. Because there's no precedent for it I have approved the run as of right now. You can view it here.
I look forward to hearing your responses. (edit) I can't seem to get the glitch working on my end so if tegron or anyone else has any information about the glitch itself please reach out to me. Also my theory is that the're running an old version of the game.

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Forum: Dicey Dungeons

Thread: Should we change backstage to be in the IL board?

Started by: chocolatecake5000chocolatecake5000

Makes sense to me as having it be full-game is kinda awkward.


Forum: Dicey Dungeons

Thread: I can mod if u want

Started by: chocolatecake5000chocolatecake5000

I have a lot of free time


Forum: The Purring Quest

Thread: How to make load times go down?

Started by: chocolatecake5000chocolatecake5000

In wr load times are pretty fast but in my game they aren't especially for stage 5 for some reason. Playing on lowest settings with 1280x720 windowed mode. In my pb it took like 10 or so paws before it could load the level.