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happy to see some interest in chocobo racing! i hope we all can keep improving these times.

question: what will be the standard for ILs? i myself love time attacks, but with so many possible "standards," i haven't really officially tried for any real times.

ideas for standard ILs:
1. SS Invincible w/ Handicap on, any skill - absolute fastest times possible here. fantasia is damn near impossible to not fall off on this one though, as per my attempts.
2. Any non-hidden/non-created character, no handicap, any skill - sort of a vanilla type of deal, might see some character variety given their strengths.
3. 100 stat characters, handicap off, dash - not as fast as the first idea, but it will still allow for good dash usage as a skill since dash actually loses speed with SS Invincible. however, puts a sort of minimum-skill since getting 100 on a run could take a few tries.

i feel like ILs should be opened up to an any% style, where as long as you can finish the course, your time is valid. however, i understand if there's a need for distinctions somewhere, but too many will probably not be healthy for the gameplay. so, like a handicap/non-handicap split could be good, or maybe a vanilla characters/hidden and saved characters split could also be good.

also, we should always use the in-game time for obvious reasons.

thanks! i hope to stream and get some story mode runs in here soon, and i'll try to catch anyone streaming to watch!

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Hi sorry for the insanely late reply (this site never notifies for these types of posts), I established a really nice IL format, it covers essentially every type of IL currently. Hit me up on my Twitter or somewhere (stream etc) if your interest comes back.

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