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Feedback and Issues

Please give me your feedback and report issues here. You can also @ch1psetch1pset in the discord server.




Huge refactor update. I feel the codebase is in a more streamlined state, and will be a lot easier to work on for the future. There were no feature updates, and behavior/output should still be the same as previous updates.


Added Tooltips and fixed some styling so tooltips are better supported.


• Fixed unaligned `Random` button with `SeedField` element
• Other minor styling changes

It turns out that using pastebin as the repo for the changelog was a bad idea because pastes are not given CORS headers on api requests for FREE account users. You need a PRO account, which they happen to be... uh... sold out of. You can't make this crap up. So I moved the changelog to github gist, which is completely free and does attach CORS headers to api responses. All that means is... it works.


Code improvements and some changes regarding room spawns and weapon pools!
• Challenge rooms are now being omitted from room generation since the game does not use these in the game save.
• Starting weapon is now removed from all item pools to match behavior of BPM's run generation.
• Added new `ItemPool` class to encapsulate item pools, and for easier manipulation


The version at the bottom of the page is now clickable and opens the changelog! There are no other changes for this update.


• General code improvements and optimization
• Reworked how certain rooms are placed
• Rebalanced room spawn chances
• Well and Reroll rooms are no longer guaranteed
• Bank, Hero, Reroll, Gambling and Black Market rooms start with a % chance to spawn on any floor, and on subsequent rolls, have a %/2 chance of spawning on another floor and so on.
• Banks start with a 60% chance of spawning
• Hero rooms(boss challenges) start with a 40% chance of spawning
• Reroll rooms start with an 80% chance of spawning
• Gambling rooms start with a 100% chance of spawning
• Black Markets start with a 20% chance of spawning
• Well rooms have a 5% chance of spawning in Asgard 1 if Stairs spawn, and 5% chance of spawning on any floor before Helheim otherwise
• Reduced maximum number of keys Run can start with to 5

I understand that the values I'm choosing are relatively arbitrary, but my concern isn't getting the spawn rates exactly correct, but getting the implementation right. This should produce saves that feel less "cheesy" and closer to what the game would give you.


• BPM Logo added to the top of the page
• All UI elements now scale to your window size
• Generalized some components for future reusability
• Encapsulated main SSG app into `SSG` component
this update does not change any underlying functionality of the save generator


• You can now generate a random 20 character alpha-numeric seed
• Portal room has a 1/100 spawn rate
• Hero/Bank rooms have a 1/10 spawn rate for each randomly selected floor
• Black Market has a 1/10 spawn rate
• Prestige room has a 1/20 spawn rate
• Some fixes regarding room placement and Prng reinitialization.


Initial Launch Sep 12 2021

I'm super excited to announce something I've been working on for the past 3 weeks is finally available for everyone to use! I present to this community, a working seeded save generator:

I'm going to need people to use this and report back any problems. Some notable things about how saves are generated with this tool:

• Well Rooms are always guaranteed and have more/better items that can appear there
• 2 Reroll and Gambling rooms each are guaranteed(I think the game does this normally)
• 50% chance of Stairs
• 50% chance of Portals, Black Markets and Prestige Rooms
• Run's random loadout is equally weighted, but always 1 head/foot/chest/arm item and up to 2 abilities

This tool will enable us to have races in the near future. Of course, if we get another patch from the devs, this will likely need to be updated to be compatible with any changes they make.

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Thread: Discord community

Started by: MacNDMacND

Nice, I was doing a discord server, but yours is already more established. I'm a bit late here, and I am surprised I was approved for super mod.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: High Scores - what shall we do?

Started by: PacPac

My opinion is such that, option 1 should be implemented, but option 3 should be striven for. Definitely, adding High Scores to SRC is a good way to expand upon what's been built here. I think, for sure, securing the highscore domain would be a best case scenario, as you could functionally tie both sites together. I think, there will be resistance coming from the highscore community as the hierarchical structure of moderators is(I'm guessing) significantly more distributed here at SRC. So that's another issue to be mindful of.

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Thread: Guidelines for New Categories

Started by: ch1psetch1pset

We won't take things too seriously here, but there are some general guidelines that you should keep in mind before we create your suggested category here, it should:

1) have a clear goal,
2) be clearly distinct from the main categories,
3) have a completed run with video proof.

If your run is basically a run that already exists, with just an alternate route, it may not belong here. That will be at the discretion of the mods to decide. If your run is basically any%, and it's competitive with the main category, we might ask that you submit your run there instead of creating a whole new category for it. Should anything become popular enough to warrant a separate category, we will do so, such as with Any% and Any% w/ Flight. Don't expect anything here to move to the main SRC.


Forum: Yooka-Laylee

Thread: Reverse Boss Order

Started by: ch1psetch1pset

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So I've been working on routing RBO, and I've gotten it down to about 2h, though the route should be easily done in sub 2h. Since true RBO is possible, I figured it wouldn't make much sense to pursue the RBO without Cap B first which was how I ran it the first time.

I don't know all of the technical information about the route yet, I've kind of just been wingin' it. Also, in my latest attempt, I forgot to grab a lot of pagies and I also recommend not picking up the Nimble 2 pagie, instead get the underwater pagie in TT.

Here's the latest route with tons of mistakes:

Here's an outline of the route, I may have missed some things:

Some notes:

-You need a total 170 quills for the whole run to buy Sonar Shot(30), Slurp Shot(30), Buddy Slam(30) and Reptile Rush(80)

-27 Pagies required to fight Planette, so the sooner you collect those, the faster you can get to her.

-It is not necessary to waste pagies on expanding Moody Maze and Cashino

-It is not necessary, nor advisable to expand Glitterglaze in your second visit as it would waste 5 pagies that you'd have to go through the palace to get prior to fighting Planette.

-You might pickup 2-3 extra pagies as you defeat the bosses. There is 1 almost unavoidable on the way to Brrreeze