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Thread: Other Platforms, game cover, and game rules

Started by: LegsLegs

Sorry for the late response, I never check these forums because no one has used them in like 3 years. Time starts on new game select and ends when last boss dies (you lose character control). I updated the ability to submit under gameboy player and SGB2. I'll update the rules this weekend probably to include actual helpful info.

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Forum: Fortified Zone

Thread: Question about submissions rules and the website page

Started by: TobürTobür

I literally never log into because this is the only game on here I mod that I would need to check and i've been trying to get people to run it unsuccessfully for close to 3 years. The guides page is what it is because there is no guide, if someone wants to make an actual guide I'll happily put it up.

I'll update the rules sometime this week since there are questions. Time starts on new game select and ends when last boss dies (you lose character control).


Forum: Fortified Zone

Thread: Nice page

Started by: darkman78darkman78

no problem


Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2017

Thread: Important: Community Pitch for Stream.Me

Started by: Cyberdemon531Cyberdemon531

Personally idc what platform the event is streamed to. Im not going to this event to try to blow up my twitch channel and get super popular.

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Forum: Super Metroid

Thread: Questions about getting started

Started by: Cyberdemon531Cyberdemon531

Wiki that has a ton of info on glitches and tricks and pretty much everything -

Discord if you have any questions pretty much anyone will help -

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