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I don't believe 114% is ever displayed in the game, and it does seem arbitrary to name it as such (though I believe it was from the irrational 200/175). I'd like to propose renaming 114% to just "200 Strawberries", as it would be easier to understand (I see questions about the current name a lot) and it implies full completion of the game to unlock the gold berries anyway. Rules would be able to stay the same.

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If the name is changed, I propose "All Berries" as the new name so it coincides with the "All Red Berries" category.

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Do bear in mind that the game tells us in many places the actual names for things (which is also why "All Red Berries" is a bad name): https://i.imgur.com/tzbnBVr.png

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So "All Strawberries" and then "All Strawberries and Golden Berries", "All Berries", or "All Straw/Golden Berries"? All better names than "114%" in my opinion.

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I'd vote for All Strawberries and All Berries.

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are we sure that Strawberries in-game is only the red berries? I think actually that the categories are pretty okay and that there are not really exact equivalents in the game, only statistics that are almost but not quite.


All Berries would work, "100%" could also work since I feel like the current 100% category is misleading since pretty much everyone outside the speedrun community considers Golden Berries a requirement for 100% anyway... Current 100% category could be renamed to "All Hearts & All Red Berries" or something of the like. Just an idea.

I don't think what we have right now is bad by any means, or anything.

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I think 100% is fine, even the game considers the Golden Berries extra, so All Red Berries + All Hearts is 100% pretty much. On the other hand, 114% is a bad name for the category in my opinion. I agree with the "200 Berries" name that Jumpyluff supposed, seems like the most precise name. Having All Red Berries and All Berries will be way more confusing than All Red Berries and 200 Berries.

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I'd say that all red berries is fine for that catagory personally. "All strawberries" could be confusing as it would imply that the golds are collected too as they are also strawberries, just recolored


So if the name is changed, who decides and when?

(Just a joke, but ehat about calling it "Oops All Berries" or "Captain Crunch%"?)

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Perhaps something like "175 Red Strawberries" or "All Red Strawberries" as the first and "200 Strawberries" as the second?

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Everything% because that's actually what you're doing : everything that the game has to offer


"all red berries" and "everything + bad berries"


Hitting up 4 month old threads 🙂

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