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Just Golden Berries (with cheat)
All Hearts + Golden Berries (like a 114% Lite)
Pico% (completing the game until the end of the Pico 8 game in the resort)


pico% is an entirely separate game on src called celeste classic

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That is just playing the game. My idea with Pico% is playing the game from the start, finding the monitor in-game and playing Celeste Classic in-game to finish it up, similar to e.g. nipple% in SMO. A nice quicker than Any% run.

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How about a simple Segment category Chapter*One All Red Strawberries?



check the IL leaderboard for that @Snowbone

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Low theo%. unoptimized but I have a video on it
Would change some rules though. To make things official. Theo movements are only by the player. So a seeker can knock theo out and it doesn't count. Any other use of Theo is noted.