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probably adding 175 strawberrys & all red/blue hearts as a category would be good, and a 100% category is what I would like to work towards, but thats pretty niche because of how hard it is


What would be the difference between "175 strawberrys & all red/blue hearts" and "100%"? I guess "175 strawberrys & all red/blue hearts" doesn't require to have a "level completed in one run" flag in the menu, but you would do it anyway in speedrun so I fail to see how the difference is relevant. Am I missing anything else?

Also, I haven't messed at all with the Assist Mode yet, but if I understood correctly, you can tune how many dashs you have in this mode, and that sounds like a pretty good misc category. Time will tell if it has any potential to be a good category or not.


100% would include all the C-Sides. Why you would split "175 strawberrys & all red/blue hearts" and "100%"? Who knows?


Theres a strawberry for beating each level and side without dying

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I think there should be an all strawberries, 100%, all cassettes and all heart to start with later we could add all b sides or c sides


I think if you complete c sides it should be 120% or something to that extent