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My speedrun for any% celeste was taken down off the leaderboard after I tried to submit a run. The run I submit was taken down because the version of game wasn't shown even when I put the version in the clip of the run. I ask why the video was rejected and why my previous run was taken down. Thanks.


Hey Firefalcon,

I see 4 runs you've submitted that have been rejected recently (in order from oldest to newest):

All of them point to the same video (, which as far as I can tell doesn't show the version number anywhere.
Looking at your youtube channel it looks like you do have a run that matches the most recently submitted time and that shows the version number. ( Please submit and link to that video.

We took down your previous run because it also didn't show the version number. The verifier who originally verified it made a mistake and didn't check it was shown. A moderator noticed that you had resubmitted your previous PB's vod, and that it didn't show the version, and so removed the runs to maintain the leaderboard's integrity. Apologies for that, however I'm sure you'll be able to have your pb on the board in no time.

Hope that clears it up.

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