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there is a bug on speedrun.com where if lucky, you can set your src name as a deleted user and it might scan runs and give the account a free run with out doing fuck all

this could happen with the user i mentioned

i can't imagine a car obby speedruner getting 2nd 3rd place in celeste

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former WR holder buhbai deleted their account, but the run is completely legit

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That is not the point,

I wasn't denoting the real buhbai's current pb as a scandal, that's far from the truth.

I'm talking about about a bug in this site.

Take the user "Meme" for example.


This user, has made their account on the 10th of October last year, but back then there was ANOTHER user named by that now currently under the handle @BombBomb, deleted their account on the 9th, (To be honest, it probably would've been t.aken by a name sniper.) and suddenly the OLD users runs was given to the NEW user.

This could be extremely malicious behaviour, as the user literally gained a free 3rd place trophy in a densely populated game without even touching it.

For even more proof:


oh so anyone could sign up as buhbai and claim the run? I guess that's how speedrun.com works