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Hi. I'm currently transitioning from 5A to 5B for Any% and wanted to practice both the 5A-Tape and 5B parts as an IL run. I'm currently failing at setting up the Autosplitter.

Specifically, the splitter doesn't detect me collecting the Cassette at all. It also resets the timer when I return to map, without completely resetting the run. So if I then play 5B, I'm still in the Cassette split.

Any ideas what's wrong? I'm using the Epic version of Celeste, Here's a picture of the Splitter settings:


Unfortunately, LiveSplit does not support timing between multiple chapters like this as it simply reads the in-game time and therefore cannot add time between chapters. There are a few options of how to time this, but my personal favorite is to create a new file, input the cheat code, do both segments, then check the journal for the final time. The downsides are that you don't get checkpoint splits and you have to delete the file and recreate it every time you reset.

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