All Red Berries in 1h 34m 35s 399ms* by AnInternetTrollAnInternetTroll (Obsolete)

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Name Duration Finished at
Prologue 0m 55s 000ms 0m 55s 120ms
-Crossing 1m 12s 000ms 2m 07s 618ms
-Chasm 2m 26s 000ms 4m 33s 779ms
{Chapter 1: Forsaken City} Chapter End 1m 25s 000ms 5m 58s 957ms
-Intervention 2m 36s 000ms 8m 34s 989ms
-Awake 2m 08s 000ms 10m 43s 812ms
{Chapter 2: Old Site} Chapter End 0m 54s 000ms 11m 38s 479ms
-Huge Mess 4m 18s 000ms 15m 56s 991ms
-Elevator Shaft 3m 55s 000ms 19m 52s 751ms
-Presidential Suite 2m 28s 000ms 22m 20s 995ms
{Chapter 3: Celestial Resort} Chapter End 1m 36s 000ms 23m 57s 533ms
-Shrine 2m 58s 000ms 26m 56s 063ms
-Old Trail 4m 11s 000ms 31m 07s 630ms
-Cliff Face 2m 44s 000ms 33m 51s 706ms
{Chapter 4: Golden Ridge} Chapter End 2m 14s 000ms 36m 06s 556ms
-Depths 3m 49s 000ms 39m 56s 384ms
-Unravelling 4m 11s 000ms 44m 08s 257ms
-Search 1m 31s 000ms 45m 39s 382ms
-Rescue 3m 08s 000ms 48m 47s 993ms
{Chapter 5: Mirror Temple} Chapter End 2m 39s 000ms 51m 27s 772ms
-Lake 1m 35s 000ms 53m 02s 877ms
-Hollows 1m 26s 000ms 54m 29s 829ms
-Reflection 2m 17s 000ms 56m 47s 194ms
-Rock Bottom 1m 01s 000ms 57m 48s 277ms
{Chapter 6: Reflection} Chapter End 5m 04s 000ms 1h 02m 53s 134ms
-0m 2m 38s 000ms 1h 05m 32s 055ms
-500m 0m 00s 000ms 1h 05m 32s 082ms
-1000m 4m 54s 000ms 1h 10m 26s 733ms
-1500m 3m 38s 000ms 1h 14m 05s 074ms
-2000m 0m 38s 000ms 1h 14m 43s 878ms
-2500m 7m 19s 000ms 1h 22m 03s 108ms
{Chapter 7: The Summit} Chapter End 0m 16s 000ms 1h 22m 19s 588ms
Epilogue 7m 25s 000ms 1h 29m 45s 048ms
-Into The Core 9m 15s 000ms 1h 39m 00s 678ms
-Hot And Cold 1m 22s 000ms 1h 40m 22s 727ms
-Heart Of The Mountain 0m 03s 000ms 1h 40m 25s 890ms
{Chapter 8: Core} Chapter End 0m 29s 000ms 1h 40m 55s 584ms
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