Strawberry Jam Boards Are Open!
Strawberry Jam Boards Are Open!
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We are happy to announce the Strawberry Jam Collab leaderboards have been opened on! Check them out over at

If you don't know what Strawberry Jam is, it's a big collaboration between different mappers, artists, coders, etc. to release the biggest mod pack to date for Celeste. You need to play Celeste on PC (no Microsoft Store version) to be able to play this mod pack. Also rules are slightly different for modded Celeste runs compared to vanilla Celeste runs, so if you never did a modded run before, please check out the rule page again on the site. That said, a couple of reminders...

**- 1.0.5 is the first patch we are accepting runs for - any runs completed on patches before this one will not be accepted for the leaderboards.

  • Keep in mind you still run some risks by submitting runs - if a level is significantly changed in a patch to the point your submitted run is no longer a fair comparison, we may have to wipe the leaderboard for the affected level(s).**

Have fun with the mod pack!

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