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Scoring Speedrun Leaderboard
Kentucky, USA

(Will update as we get time!) Every game in the series is on the website. Point system is as follows. 1st-10 2nd-8 3rd-6 4th-4 5th-2 6 and below-0

Just adds more to the competitiveness of the game. Making the games more entertaining as a whole for the runners as well. (In my opinion). Thanks for your time and hope everyone has a great day of runs!

Madrid, Spain

This achieves nothing in my opinion since it would maybe make the game appealing for the top runners only. As a game with thousands of submissions, not ideal if you just undermine the value of a run that's in 1000th place.

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Germany has an API where you can get the data automatically. Updating everything manually is very impractical.

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Massachusetts, USA
She/Her, They/Them
4 months ago

Agreed with DiscInfiltrator - this won't achieve anything close to competition or entertainment as you think it will, especially when you consider:

A) only the first 5 spots on a leaderboard matter in points B) top-level speedrunners are all friendly and don't care about that competition

It's an interesting idea (that tbf has already been done before - Tim made a "Frog Champions" leaderboard last year), but don't be surprised if it's just not interacted with much, sorry to say.

Kentucky, USA

Thank you all for your feedback! Everything helps me improve it. It works better for smaller speedrun communities because of the small amount of people running. I am doing it not to undercut so my target isn't the whole speedrun list either. More targeted to use a ranking system to find out who the top of a given game or series is. Example: I used it for the Assassins Creed series and they loved it but like you all pointed out. With a larger community it has many flaws. That community is a lot smaller.

A plus is it does give console runners more of a spotlight which isn't given a lot on the website.

Later on I may learn of a API to use for such a project but as of now it is more of a WIP and past time.

Madrid, Spain

Maybe the idea works better as a sort of tournament outside of (like a Discord community) where the top times sent over a given period of time get points, then after x periods there's a winner with the biggest number of points. Maybe each period of time can even be a different category and have a some sort of league or something, dunno. Just spitting out ideas at this point.

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