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Just some excited rambling

Holy cow okay so context, my first run of this game I streamed and went totally blind, did the whole game at once and it took 9hrs 30mins, did a second run and it only took 3 HOURS! So, yeah massive time save, then I'm doing one now (granted with breaks so it certainly isn't a full run) but I've cut almost every current PB time in HALF for each chapter, only an hour in and I'm at the last two chapters, just- AH, much excite I didn't think I'd be any good at running this let alone while doing it all blind (learned wave dashing and wall bouncing on my own during the first run, after my next run I'm gonna start actually looking into good resources so if any of you wonderful peeps have suggestions I'd love to hear them)

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Madrid, Spain

Welcome to the community! I'd suggest joining the Discord where you can find A LOT of resources about running the game: https://discord.gg/celeste

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5 months ago

Welcome! Doing all of the B and C sides teaches you a lot, and I'd recommend running Farewell (with the Moon Berry route) once - Other than that, just continue running the game and you'll get better!

My first run was 23h from back when I had COVID, then 7h, 3h, 2h, 1h45, etc etc etc... It's a process, but I'm confident you can do it :3

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I’d recommend doing lots of training on individual sections and rooms to develop strategies if you want to get better. I’ve been playing Celeste for a little over a month now, but 20 hours on a practice file and looking up guide videos helped me get a 51:31

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I agree with the idea of running individual levels, I've been running the main 7 chapters for a while but I still cant finish core lol :')

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Texas, USA

I'd definitely recommend using the speedrun tools in the Olympus/Everest Launcher, it's really helpful for practicing individual rooms with the room transitions, rather than practicing from the respawn point. Congrats on your success thus far, and good luck on your future runs! <3

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