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If you would have been here a few weeks ago you woulda known that we did indeed have a NG+ leaderboard, nobody ran it so it got taken down - the consensus is p. much that bonecharm crafting is rather bloody dull & you don't get to carry zeph & FF with you to NG+ and that's reaaaaaaaaaallly meh.

About the glitchless, I would love to know what you consider as a glitch in a any% corvo run.
Escalators?, there's 0 clips with corvo, you can do the run without escalators and still lose p. much no time at all.
To me it just sounds like you haven't even looked up a traditional Any% run, Corvo is literally just blink management & nothing else.

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Are you playing on the patch 1.5? most likely it hasn't been updated for that patch, as it hit live today.


Throw the bottle at the middle dude, don't hit him in the head and you should be fine.


Do you think you'll get your own Emily after what happened tonight?


Yes you can, the entirety of the lockpicks.


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