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If by the menu that pops up, you mean the tutorial message you should disable that yes.
if that has anything to do with it, I can't recall at all.

Try disabling it and jumping down again, if it doesn't work then your positioning/timing is off.
Hopefully it does something.


2. The following glitches/tricks are banned
- Blinking through solid surfaces.
- Grabbing items by forcing the camera through solid surfaces.
- Gaining height using the "Elevator" glitch.
- Outsider warp (jumping just before fading out before Outsider Dream which causes you to "warp" upstairs to the Outsider instantly).
- Using the Voidwalker's Arsenal DLC items is not allowed.

It's as close to "glitchless" as you're gonna get on this leaderboard, it's called that because calling anything glitchless is generally arbitrary and kinda silly.
Easier to blacklist stuff out rather than have a massive argument every 2 seconds about what is a glitch and what is not 🙂.


You'll get better help going forward if you join our discord:

But other than that, you're falling from too high up. climb up on to the highest ledge but don't go all the way to the center.
If you go from the center it's too high up and splat, dead.
Stay near the edge and you'll be fine.


Downpatching to 1.2 does indeed give you access to the DLC, why? no clue.
I had this issue recently too and I just instead of reinstalling for the billionth time bought the dlc and downpatched then.
It's fairly cheap, but if you don't wanna do that then I can't say other than try reinstalling it/removing the downpatch and trying again.


Me? no, most people? no - that's why I said purists, don't think it was an intended gameplay mechanic to keep your runningspeed with a weapon though but not like anyone should really care about it either way.

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Swordless, if you wanna be a GLITCHLESS PURIST (burn in flames, infidels).


Check out the legacy category.

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You gotta have 90+ fps, preferably close to 120 to get the dock leap comfortably. The less fps you have (it seems like) the further you land. I've found out few setups but only really a consistent one for the 120. I tend to look up myself after the launch, so that I can maintain the fps. It's still a launch though so it's really fiddly.

I suggest joining the discord, for ease of asking stuff etc.

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We ran on the latest pach, used to run on a earlier one but no need for it anymore after launches, you can bypass the escalator on m2 with a launch and m9 the wall that we used hasn't been fixed (only the other side that we used to use - gg). Haven't done a run since forever but I'd bet 1.8 is safe for np.

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Weird if you haven't seen this before, but it's basically like a cointoss when booting the game - it's either 4,5 or 45 seconds (if not more).


Console runs of this game are indeed accepted. There is one ps4 run (atleast) in the Any% Corvo section.


Well, you could just post a video / pictures w/e you have on it, instead of doing a guessing game.
We know about ways to OoB in the mission 7, and there's been several suggestions that have been ultimately shot down due to not being fast enough/just not really worth.

The discord information is in Resources channel if you want to post it there instead.


Well that makes sense. Nothing wrong with information ^^

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Dude, the fucking souvenirs don't even belong in AC 😱 like, no need to stress about it.


Bonecharm on addermire very much impossible atm y, we've tried all sorta shit - can't even grab on to the surface so even if you'd have abit more height coming from the window, wouldn't help sadly.

It's an obvious oversight by the devs.


We have a discord that you can find on the forum, the forums are barely ever used as discord is so much easier.


There is no definition for what is a glitch and what isn't.
It's usually decided by the community what counts and what doesn't - obviously in this case as there's no such categories nobody has seen it reasonable to argue what is and what isn't.

When you think about it, is damage animation cancelling a glitch? is jumping (not out of bounds) a glitch? so if bhopping isn't a glitch does that mean dunwall skip isn't one either because you're just moving you're not actually going OOB like you could with emilys ability.

What I mean is, it's arbitrary to all hell and it would need to be decided what counts and what doesn't.
Like posted above this discussion has happened quite a few times and people usually agree that it's not worth it/can't see the point.


Sorry if these answers seem like I'm pissed or summin', it's just that these same things come up every month give or take by people who do a single run and are never heard from again.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions & suggestions.

But onto the point:
bhopping is not a glitch, pressing jump again and again in a game is not considered breaking it.
What we had in patch 1.3 and before that, called f-cancelling that they patched that was considered a glitch, and it was a part of bhopping for sure.

There's a way to skip the escalator in mission 2 that doesn't lose you more than few seconds, why doesn't anyone do it you might ask? it's because well it's not glitchless 😱.

Doing a category just to ban one single glitch that saves few seconds isn't really worth it.
It wouldn't be worth it even if it would save that 1.5 minutes that you said it would.
Just think about it, we can't have a category for every single silly thing that comes to mind.

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So when I asked about the escalator, you had no idea what I was talking about?.
Okay, so that's escalator what you're on about, and in your opinion it's worthy to just make a new category for a glitch that you could technically work yourself around and still end up with a decent time?.

It's not really the first time this topic has been brought up, the reason why DH1 had legacy was as it was broken as fuck - isn't really the case here.

NG+ adds combined powers, yep - on a global cooldown which makes it super meh, if you could far-reach into blink fast that would make it kinda neat, but you can't - the usefulness of other skills is really arguable, mana cost of something like timestop is kinda huge even for NLG (as seen by AC NLG) so you'd most likely be better off just spending that mana to blink for days.

Nothing is stopping anyone from doing these runs though, just have to understand that there's no way we can expect for every single meme-y category to be added (yes, I would consider "glitchless corvo any%" a true meme).

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