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Thread: Can a Legacy run also be put in as an Any% run?

Started by: VaLightningThiefVaLightningThief

One run can be used for one leaderboard, this is to prevent crossposting and just general weirdness that can cause and for ease of moderation.

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Thread: Why no glicthes runs?

Started by: shoopleshoople

Defining what a glitch is isn't as simple as "lol don't glitch" + people who run the game haven't been interested in such a category.

And the moderators aren't interested in defining a ruleset for the handful of people who maybe, possibly, with some luck submit a run.

If you want to do glitch free runs, you can still submit them to the main any% leaderboard, that is allowed.

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Thread: First Speedrun

Started by: ScranielScraniel

All the runs are currently done on the latest patch, no need to downpatch. For more info and questions and stuff I recommend clicking the discord link on the left side, easier and faster to get answers there.

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Thread: Can I speedrun certain levels?

Started by: Spades_Spades_

I am just echoing what has been already said here.
IL runs are great for some games, if you had played this game enough you'd understand why it wouldn't be for the dishonored franchise.

Way, way waaaaaay too messy like Lurven said with potions and other nonsense.


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Thread: Potition for New Game Plus mode for speedrun category

Started by: diablo7diablo7

" i will always speak my mind it is how i was raised"
I don't believe you have been raised at all. Jesus christ.

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Thread: A question about the current board.

Started by: THiEF_HD209THiEF_HD209

At some point the mods apparently decided that they don't want to fill the IGT with RTA time, the leaderboard doesn't like it when IGT is empty, and it just pushes it all the way down.

Don't know why this was made, considering there's some console runs with IGT.

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Thread: Create a any% for console

Started by: diablo7diablo7

Just wanna point out that we can see that it's you who's posting, next time it's better to check your social links before trying to single-man-army some weird rules into a game.

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Thread: Boyle Softlock

Started by: AloneAlone

If you take the OoB note, and the first boyle that you killed wasn't the right one you gotta kill both of the remaining boyles.

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Thread: Run Rejected

Started by: TaartinTaartin

The discord link on the left has our discord, that's super helpful.
Either way I can explain it to you.

The rules clearly say that you should start the run, creating a save from the autosave so the guard isn't like a billion miles away, this alone wouldn't really matter but everyone's playing by the same rules so might aswell mention it.

Your submitted time was 44:02

But the run time obviously wasn't this? this alone again, could be fixable but it just made it look that you really didn't care about the submission that much so why should we.

You did add the time without loads, but you're already using livesplit which let's you use the ingame time really easily aswell. There's a guide in the guides section showing how this is done.


It's just that we've had plenty of submissions that are done haphazardly, and there's really no reason to submit with just real time unless you're playing on a console.

And again, you're free to come to the discord and ask for help if something is still unclear, there's quite a few helpful runners around.
Hopefully this clarified the matter.

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Thread: Sewers - Samuel missing

Started by: NnamelhuNnamelhu

When you come back from the oob, touch the sewer entrance just under where you came from.


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Thread: Bunnyhop Macro

Started by: AleksAleks

You download it, you launch it, you bind mousewheel down to jump and just hold space. It's that simple.


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Thread: Missing crossbow

Started by: terrance4terrance4

Try loading a previous save/reloading the mission.
This isn't anything I've heard of before/not sure if this is speedrun related but,
if the problem persists join the discord from the sidebar as people generally don't give two fucks about these forums.



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Thread: Empress intro fight scene tutorial skip not working?

Started by: MXCMXC

If by the menu that pops up, you mean the tutorial message you should disable that yes.
if that has anything to do with it, I can't recall at all.

Try disabling it and jumping down again, if it doesn't work then your positioning/timing is off.
Hopefully it does something.


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Thread: Legacy question

Started by: FaulheitFaulheit

2. The following glitches/tricks are banned
- Blinking through solid surfaces.
- Grabbing items by forcing the camera through solid surfaces.
- Gaining height using the "Elevator" glitch.
- Outsider warp (jumping just before fading out before Outsider Dream which causes you to "warp" upstairs to the Outsider instantly).
- Using the Voidwalker's Arsenal DLC items is not allowed.

It's as close to "glitchless" as you're gonna get on this leaderboard, it's called that because calling anything glitchless is generally arbitrary and kinda silly.
Easier to blacklist stuff out rather than have a massive argument every 2 seconds about what is a glitch and what is not 🙂.


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Thread: First Elevator skip

Started by: KinankunKinankun

You'll get better help going forward if you join our discord:

But other than that, you're falling from too high up. climb up on to the highest ledge but don't go all the way to the center.
If you go from the center it's too high up and splat, dead.
Stay near the edge and you'll be fine.


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Thread: Downgrade doesnt give Void Walkers Arsenal

Started by: xCandlexCandle

Downpatching to 1.2 does indeed give you access to the DLC, why? no clue.
I had this issue recently too and I just instead of reinstalling for the billionth time bought the dlc and downpatched then.
It's fairly cheap, but if you don't wanna do that then I can't say other than try reinstalling it/removing the downpatch and trying again.


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Thread: New Run Catagory

Started by: EuropaMin3rEuropaMin3r

Me? no, most people? no - that's why I said purists, don't think it was an intended gameplay mechanic to keep your runningspeed with a weapon though but not like anyone should really care about it either way.

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Thread: New Run Catagory

Started by: EuropaMin3rEuropaMin3r

Swordless, if you wanna be a GLITCHLESS PURIST (burn in flames, infidels).


Forum: Dishonored

Thread: New Run Catagory

Started by: EuropaMin3rEuropaMin3r

Check out the legacy category.

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