40 Achievements - Golden Cookies, Fast Click in 1h 00m 07s by zir0niczir0nic - 4th place

I apologize in advance for the quality of this video being off. I used scroll wheel to click.

As you can see, when I wipe my save file, the data doesn't actually get cleared due to me forgetting to click a button. This went unnoticed by me throughout the entire run, and as a result a small portion towards the beginning is missing, this being the time between the end of the first recording and the start of the second. As nothing changes during this time and no foul play appears to be done during this time, I believe the run should still be legitimate. By comparing multiple instances of the in-game timer with my timer, the run appears to be approximately 2 minutes and 3 seconds behind. Adding this to my final time of 58:54 results in 1:00:07.

On a lighter note, this was a really lucky speedrun imo despite my inexperience with this being my first cookie clicker speedrun

edited run due to it being the wrong version

Version: 2.022

Click Method: Mouse-Wheel

Verified?: No

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