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Since Xbox one version is faster than the N64 version wouldn't it be wise to separate the ladders with a variable?

Only negative is extra work on moderators which is a small price to pay in the amount of players it could bring to the community.

Speedrunning is about racing games on an even playground and I see nobody sinking time into learning a game where they automatically start with a deficit.

Nobody should have to buy a Xbox one to speedrun an N64 game, your community is essentially pay to win with the pay wall being a new gen console. Not good for bringing in new players.

I recently obtained a copy of conkers on n64, I only speedrun n64, and I have this same conversation in every SRC community. Definitely a topic worth discussion


Most of us agree and follow the way leaderboards like OOT and DK64 are being run.

There is this fantastic feature on SRC for every user that allows you to filter out the other platforms so you can compare N64 by itself which I suggest using.

I think speedrunning is mainly about self improvement and anybody who wants to take it seriously or try to beat the WR should play on the fastest officially released version of the same game.

That same argument can be made for people who only have Xbox one considering the cart used to go for quite a lot. The price of an original used Xbox one and Rare Replay really isn't that much different than an N64 and a cartridge of BFD (even though the price of a cart seems to have dropped a bit recently) so I disagree and say it's not 'pay to win' in this community.

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Just because you see speedrunning about self improvement doesn't mean the community as a whole must.

And your argument about pay to win is invalid because as you said, the cart USED to go for a lot. And if you separated the ladders, There is no way it can be p2w because xbox plays on xbox and n64 plays on n64. People can play what they got.

The Filter option doesnt give WR to players who DESERVE them. If someone sinks hours and hours into a game to get 17th place, but 1st n64. Is that a wr with the way you have the leaderboard set up? Because the player, any viewers, and possible new players would probably like to think so.

And you can bring up SRC communities that refuse to change because of lazy moderators and "too many games to go through" when I can also bring up arguably the biggest SRC or Speedrun in general community in SM64. What game would you really like to follow?

"anybody who wants to take it seriously or try to beat the WR should play on the fastest officially released version of the same game." Literally means pay to win.


No you're right, this exact thing has been discussed before and the majority of the community feels the same way as I do. It could always be reconsidered in the future if opinions change.

Actually the cheaper carts I found appeared to be fake with the legitimate carts still going for quite a lot more so my mistake sorry.

Yup I don't see a problem with that, whoever gets the fastest time on an official release of a game fully DESERVES it without having to be ignored or sharing 1st with an inferior time on an inferior version just so the other runner can feel better about themselves.

They aren't lazy just because they don't agree with what another leaderboard does, not every leaderboard should be run the same way. I have never cared for the way SM64 runs things and how they refuse to take anybody who doesn't play on N64 seriously, I'll happily follow OOT and DK64 thank you very much.

One more thing I forgot to mention is that Xbox doesn't have a region lock making it more accessible to EU runners who would have to pay alot more for a NTSC N64 console and cart otherwise.


"inferior time on an inferior version just so the other runner can feel better about themselves."

You've missed the point completely. Good luck growing your community.

N64 - 60-80$ Conkers 60-80$

Xbox 1 - 160?