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Thread: Recent changes to the leaderboard

Started by: cazperskycazpersky

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Due to a popular demand and to futureproof the leaderboards, the decision has been made to split the main game categories into Original and Remastered (with Any% being the only exception as AJS is only possible on one of the versions). The miscellaneous categories will remain unchanged.

Original releases:
- PC (1.0/1.01/2.0/3.0/Steam/Rockstar Games Launcher)
- PS2 (all versions)
- PS3 (emulated PS2 versions)
- PS4 (emulated PS2 versions)
- Xbox (all versions)

Remastered releases:
- PC (Windows Store)
- Xbox 360/Xbox One
- PS3 (remastered versions)
- Android/iOS/Windows Phone

Additionally, all runs submitted after September 16th (including) will require EVERY player that wishes to be on the leaderboard to show the initial load of the game:

That load is only shown when pressing New Game from a fresh game start so that means you'll be required to quit and launch your game again after every reset.

The change was made to avoid players taking advantage of certain stats not resetting after a previous attempt and carrying that progress to a new game started from the pause menu (Cycling Skill, Max Health, Lung Capacity etc.)

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Thread: Why was Crucial's 100% WR removed ?

Started by: mint4conditionmint4condition

Given the circumstances under which Crucial deleted his runs, we believe it's possible to reason him into submitting his runs back himself - the exact opposite to Reset. After the matters which made him make that decision are settled, this conversation can resume.

Besides, reset's runs aren't on the board, only his times. He owns nothing that is on the board.

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Thread: Change to Catalina IL's

Started by: cazperskycazpersky

This thread has been addressed:

And now all Catalina IL's have different starting rules - that is upon entering the corresponding mission marker itself in the Catalina heist mission chain. All runs have been retimed accordingly.

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Thread: About Catalina IL's

Started by: BooskopBooskop

Due to a majority wanting the change, the rules have been updated and all runs retimed accordingly to the new rules. Unfortunately likes to bury forum posts and it seems not to have been addressed before.

Against All Odds, Local Liquor Store, Small Town Bank and Tanker Commander now all start upon entering the marker that display the mission name text.

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Thread: LiveSplit and GTA SA screen

Started by: spencpfspencpf

You can go to LiveSplit layout options and change the opacity of your splits so the game is at least barely visible or you can separate them in OBS.

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Thread: Level Leaderboard (missions/submissions/races)

Started by: D4n1elit0_xDD4n1elit0_xD

You just need a video evidence, doesn't matter if it's streamed. So yes, it's legal.

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Thread: Suggestion: Putting the AJS runs BEFORE the Any% (No AJS) on the front page.

Started by: SlycethSlyceth

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discuss the matter on discord


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Thread: move mouce up and down

Started by: [Deleted user]

Respawns traffic


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Thread: Cracked version

Started by: AryionAryion

Steam has a sale. Go for it. Personally, I won't accept cracked version runs, unless you can hide it really well and I can't notice. But... you'll be better off just buying the game and downgrading it, by using the downgrader on Resources page.

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Thread: New timing for runs

Started by: cazperskycazpersky

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As of June 1st, all runs on the leaderboard will start the timing at the initial cutscene skip:

Current runs will not be retimed as it is a very minor change, but if you start your timer with -0.8, time to change it.

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Thread: Current state of All Missions

Started by: ResetReset

Jizzy skip is allowed, it shows the "mission passed" for it at the end (I don't actaully know if that's a good reasoning, but sounds good enough), almost like an instapass in VC or III, almost.

EOTL1 skip is not allowed, it counts as a mission thus needs to be passed. Ask a code monkey for details I guess

Runs with GT skip were moved to meme boards.

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Thread: Game crashes following kz_frews tutorial

Started by: gold_wavgold_wav

Did you change the affinity setting of the game exe to 1 core? If not, you should. That's the main reason the game crashes most of the time.


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Thread: Resolution to FPS differences

Started by: DarkViperAUDarkViperAU

FPS cap is a good solution. Someone just needs to find one external program that everyone will use and put it in resources. Display of FPS then would be needed only for WR runs, because it's really unnecessary if you're not going for 1st place.

I'm pretty sure Toriks didn't mean bad by doing an offline run. It gives you more focus and you can practice more effectively, so I assume that was the main keynote.

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