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So thanks to the overwhelming amount of ILs submitted because haha run farming, I was thinking about replacing the IL leaderboard with full sections rather than all 90 levels… this would lower the number of ILs (not IL categories) to around 12-16, there are 800 pending runs right now and that made me realize how bad of an idea this was to make all 90 different. So basically I need some… “permission” of sorts from the run farmers, I know it’s currently run farming week, so I am left with 3 options;

A. Replace the boards immediately

B. Replace the boards upon run week ending so grinders like otterstone don’t end up with a score of -400 for the event

C. Keeping all 90 ILs which I really don’t want to do, it’s creating a ton of unnecessary work for everyone and it’s all because I added 90 ILs to this board.

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You guys need to find people more verifiers
Also C

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I'm down to help with the que too if there's an option for an additional moderator to help out. I really would prefer C out of the available options

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otterstone_gamer you should have verified your own runs on longest obby


he became verifier after he submitted all his runs

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  [user deleted]

@adwardadward that is heavily frowned upon, especially unretimed runs.

C, people will just have to expect a wait time of a month or two. If you don’t like it well don’t submit.

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C, I really would like C

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C. I think most people don't mind if it takes a while to verify, and now you have more verifiers. Also if you're wondering why all my ILs are submitted as 1s it's because I assume you guys want to retime them so there's no point in me wasting time adding an estimate time that'll end up getting changed anyways.

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yeah most people do that, don't worry

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