The timing rules have been updated
2 years ago


Some may have noticed that end of episode cutscenes were dropped since the July 2021 update. So, because our timing method was reliant on that event, I've changed the moment when the runs end on PC and Android/IOS/Emu when the Wonderful banner appears on level 10. Include below is the complete rule update.

The timer starts when you click "Play" on level 1 and ands when the "Wonderful! Level Completed!" banner appears on screen on lv. 10. Runs that does not adhere to this may be retimed. No boosters are allowed except when the game forces you to use them, like when they give you promotional Color Bomb or '+X Moves' bonus when you log in for the first time in weeks. With that said, if it happens during your run, please contact one of the mod on Discord or post on the forum instead of submitting it right away. Their uses may give you an unfair advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation, even the über slow Lollipop Hammer. We are currently trying to remodel the leaderboard to deal with special situations like these.

As such, for the run to be verified, it must meet those requirements:

The run MUST include the moment you press the button play on level 1.
The run MUST include the moment lv. 10 is marked as completed, in other words when the "Wonderful! Level Completed!" banner appears on screen on lv. 10
You MUST NOT select any boosters at any point during the run.

Have a nice evening/day everyone.

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The new timing method and subsequent ruleset has been applied and enforce inside the IL leaderboard. I've taken care of recategorizing and retiming nearly every IL run in adherence of the new rules. Feel free to post on the forum or on Discord if I messed up while doing so.

I also had to remove/reject some runs done on the latest version, because they cut before the Wonderful banner shows up or where the video proof is no longer on YouTube. I let it slide for the classic version because must of those run are years old and the levels themselves are no longer available in those form.

I apologize if this sudden (but way overdue) maintenance of the IL leaderboard cause you any trouble. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the shiny new ILL we made :D Feel free to request more levels (preferably between 11 and 65; CSS is a long game and we can't possibly maintain a 9K+ entry board) I'll try to add them.

Edited by the author 2 years ago