It's been evident from some recent submissions people are unclear as to what the speedrun rules are, so I will clear up a few things in this thread. I will begin by posting the Calmere Nightmare map rules below:

  1. Do not wander into the forest or swamp unless instructed so, the wilderness here is dangerous

  2. City centre (Gate past the bridge) is off limits, do not go there

  3. No destroying blocks unless specifically allowed to (spawners can be destroyed)

  4. Signs with a marking such as "1a" or "Dc" mean that you have to find the folder with the capital symbols and in that folder open the specific .txt file

  5. Follow the tips and guidances given in the .txt files for best experiance

  6. Play on peaceful unless otherwise instructed to maximise roleplay experiance

Note: This map can be played in multiplayer, but best experiance is achieved playing solo.

  1. I suggest using a mod that turns off creeper spawning or removes their ability to destroy blocks because the explosions could destroy your game.

  2. Pre-Release 1.9 v1 or later is required because of the use of snow golems as NPCs sorry for any incompabilities.

I will firstly address rule 3. One submission violated this rule by breaking an iron door located in the cave beneath the asylum. There was no instruction in the map notes which allowed this therefore it was an obvious rule violation. Obsidian and spawners are allowed to be broken in this area, not iron doors.

Rule 6 states the map should be played on peaceful unless otherwise instructed. Note 4a.txt before entering the asylum states the difficulty must be changed to at least easy. As you pass through the asylum in the speedrun, it is required you play on easy at this point. It's optional whether you change the difficulty before entering the asylum or play on at least easy for the entire attempt.

Finally, rule 8 (which displays as an emoticon) states any version released after beta 1.9 pre-release v1 is required to be used. This means runs in the most recent game versions are valid, however I think this should be open for discussion as it causes doors to be broken in certain parts of the map, allowing for players to pass through sooner than is intended.

Thanks for reading and I hope this cleared up a few things.

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Hey, glad you're addressing this. I agree that my run broke Rule 3, I must have missed that rule while reading the file. I was unaware that you were supposed to change to Easy before entering that area. That also makes sense to me. And since the rule says any version after beta 1.9 pre-release, I think literally any version after that should be allowed, and I think the route would just involve going through broken doors.


I don't like the idea of abusing map file conversion bugs to allow for a faster route, since obviously the map author has no control over this.

I'm never going to run this category or game ever again, so I'll leave the ultimate decision up to you and the other mods. Just thought it might be worthwhile posting my two pence.

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