If anyone wants to request any categories for this leaderboard, post them in this forum.

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All Easter eggs? Like a category for all main Easter eggs on each game (Bo1 Ascension-Shang) and all in one? (Ascension-Bo3 Rev) just as examples to portray what exactly I’m asking

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Why not sime challenge on bo3 ? Like a first room challenge (rest in the first room and dont open any door), a category with only cut, a category only for moon bo3 in the first room ( without using teleporter ) omg so hard with fucking dogs. Category about reach a number of points(coins, money to buy weapons etc...), a category where you have to obtain a liquid divinium as fast as possible ? A category where you have to kill a margwa as fast as possible,or a panzer etc... a category where you have to create the shield as fast as possible... hmmm another idea, challenges like rest in a room only... a category where you have ( on shadow of evil ) to active as fast as possible all way/door/teleporters to go undergrouds... a category with only one weapon, a category without packapunch, without power, with juggernog...

I have a lot of idea, so tell me if you want more!

By the way what can i do to be moderator of this game categories extension?

Thx for answering, and sorry for my bad english!

Congrats Dracaarys ?☠

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@DracaarysHorror liquid divinium speedrun is not really a speedrun it is just luck but like boss kill speedrun and buildables speedruns I agree but have you also look at they have no power and no jug on almost all maps if not all maps that have jug on it. With that being said, I would like to hear more ideas if u have them.

Thanks SGTSalt

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What about the "knife only" ?
What about get more points as fast as possible?
And the first room?

My other idea are a few crazy lol :

- without run ( you just can walk )
- without jump ( you cant jump )
- one mystery box only
- without taking bonus ( max ammo, etc..)
- death% without explosion ( dead as fast as possible )
- just a weapon like the mr6 or another
- the easter egg with the gobblegum bonus in shadow of evil ( with lion's head )
- obtain the margwa head
- obtain the panzer helmet
- without cut
- only headshot

I can find more,

Can you say to me what you think about each categoriesi said,



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-knife only sounds alright its just basically widows and bowie
-more points as fast as possible is too easy because of gobblegums that give points
-first room is on zombierecords as well
-without run would be too hard because of natural habit of wanting to sprint
-without jump would be interesting but I don't know
-one box would be all luck so that category would just basically want to be wunderwaffe
-without bonus would be hard but does that include gobblegums?
-death w/o explosion would just come down to spawns
-one weapon would be alright but maybe too hard because of points and spawning in with 2 weapons
-ee with shadows bonus can just go under that category of shadows
-margwa head sounds good for those wiling to do it and know how to
-panzer helmet would be same thing as margwa head
-I don't know what w/o cut is sorry
-only headshot would be cool to see how accurate people are with guns
Sorry for long message

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No problem with the long message

- about the more points category, that can be with 2 subcategories, one with gobblegum and one without gobblegum

- first room is on zombierecord but why not on ? ?

- without run you are right, difficult for the player and difficult for the verifier because he has to see all the gameplay, the without jump too...

- a without bonus can be without all green bonus, without packapunch and without gobblegum / btw what about a category "no power"

- without cut, i mean without use any knife, but its a bad idea, so easy

- i think the only headshot can be cool ! ?

Thank you Salt



A lot of things you mentioned are more like self-imposed challenges, not really speedrun categories.

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What about fastest melee weapon times on gorod and rev with and w/o gums?

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