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Dorset, England

Hi everyone!

Given that we currently lack a formal place to discuss the game beyond this forum, I was considering our options for a proper community space. Previously this wasn't an issue with the game only having me and Rathin running it, but with recent activity it would be ideal to have somewhere to discuss strats directly.

With that in mind there are two simple options involving discord. We could either request a channel on the existing transformers speedrunning discord, or make our own.

I'm personally leaning towards making our own, as currently the existing discord is focused around the mainline transformers franchise games, so I see a world where beast wars being its own thing works out quite well. It would also give us more control over moderation. However I also see the benefit of being connected to an existing community and potentially garnering interest for the game in that way.

I'm looking forward to hearing people's thoughts on this. There are still only a few of us, but it seems the simplest way to encourage community discussion around strats.

New South Wales, Australia

I've only recently started running the game and I'm looking forward to actually getting some runs up. But my personal vote would be getting a channel in the main Transformers discord to get that existing base where some people might join out of idle curiosity.

Being a mod in another series where there are three discords for the individual games in the series makes it harder to convince people to play the less popular ones as they don't discuss them all in the one spot and they don't want to join multiple servers.

The main benefit I see to its own server is a better ability to divide up discussion for strats and more control over things like pins. Both sides have benefits and drawbacks. I think getting a channel in there would be the best route and if the game grows even larger to where it becomes unruly in one channel a discord could be made.

Oregon, USA

I think I basically agree with Muzgrob. If we find moderation to be an issue, or if we get to a point where one channel in another discord isn't enough, we can reconsider our options in the future. But for now, having a channel in an existing space I think would be best.

Washington, USA

Heya, existing series/Discord mod here! I'll support whatever y'all choose to do, just let me know -- for the record the current server only has channels for mainline games just incidentally, because those are the only games that have needed it so far. Clearly that is changing!

For now I've made a #beast-wars channel on the series Discord and made Ailis a mod for it. Happy to make it a category / give more control / cede to a different server if it grows to need it! Just let me know what kind of control y'all need.

Dorset, England

Thank you everyone for your input and to Glacials for setting up the channel for us! I think you're all right about utilising an existing space, so this has turned out for the best.

Seattle, WA, USA

Hi all. For those who aren't aware, FrogLord will be looking to fully support Beast Wars (as well as other games) as part of its upcoming rewrite. Perhaps this will help when looking for new strats?

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