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i know a good meme when i see one

this is not one of them

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Join the discord by clicking the link on the sidebar on the left, you can find your answers there

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For now, I would vote for 1, since it seems that it's the sane thing to do. However, before settling on my final vote I'll do a full classic% run today with the 90 fps cap to see the effects for myself.


You blame Toriks for not taking care of this issue 11 months ago. If he consistently acts like he has no interest in modding the boards, talking about issues like this, or even checking the forums at all, why make him a mod in the first place? If you're the only one actively trying to tackle an issue, than you can make decisions by yourself with the community's help. You don't need Toriks' approval. If you see a solution to a serious problem like this, and see no one taking action, gotta do it yourself. You can't expect people to stick to unwritten "rules", even if they're morally right.

I don't think Toriks' had malicious intent behind his offline runs, if you had a free hour in the evening to do a Trevor% run before going to sleep, you wouldn't go live either for that one hour. You need to stop acting like he's the devil for doing this, you're definitely being unnecessarily harsh on him. Since this issue has not been researched at all apart from a vague Youtube video you linked, I feel like you're overreacting way too much.

If I understand @CHILLI's post correctly, the curb boosting differences are only really relevant above 120 fps. Even in toriks' offline run he doesn't even go above 120 on driving sections where it matters. So is it really such a big deal? Whenever I do offline runs of T% I never beat the golds that I get on stream. And where is proof that FPS influences loading times? I've never even seen this being discussed anywhere, nor have I seen any videos about it. Could it just be specific graphics settings, specific SSD you have? Seems like a more logical explanation to me, but please prove me wrong.

For the record, I agree that loadless timing will never work in this game and should never be the timing standard, for reasons already stated.

Other people have said this, but you simply cannot ever create a level playing field for a game like this. Maybe for the current top5 with good computers you can, but what if someone really good comes around who can barely hit 50-60fps? He will be screwed and in the same situation as us right now. Setting the cap to 75 is a bandaid solution, hardware will always play a factor. Even I dip into the 60's during my runs. The damage has been done, RTA is the standard.

To summarize, before introducing any kind of FPS cap (120, as CHILLI suggested, 60, to stick to GTA standards, or 75, the seemingly arbitrary number you came up with) I would like some proper testing to be done. I would do it myself, but my specs aren't great, and I don't really get above 90-100 while driving. Obviously sticking to RTA timing is the way to go, if you're so bothered about loadless just remove that coloumn entirely from the board, it's useless and unverifiable information anyway.

In the end we're all supposed to be friends here, why be hostile? Surely we can come to a reasonable conclusion without baselessly burying people's reputation.

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While the cart is ascending lower your fps to 20

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Using any third party tool to give you an advantage during the run shouldn't ever be a thing.


On the steam version of the game you can only call a vote every 3 minutes, unlimited voting is only a thing in the older versions of the game. If you want to download these older versions or have any more questions, just join our discord

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Why worry about a couple seconds over one trick when people lose/gain much more time on loading times?

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I can probably make it, would like to participate.

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I agree with everything you said. I think this layout will work just fine. One thing is maybe 4 off days are a little too many, maybe around 12 on days and 2 off days would work better, not that it matters all that much.
Also maybe we could employ a point system and after every few (5?) challenges are done the top 2 or 3 people who got the most points could get something little (money, whatever) as a prize. This is just an idea, not something we necessarily have to do. We'd have to see if our community would be interested in getting a small prize pool together.


Hey, I would like an invite if possible, been running GTA V classic%. Thanks


I have been looking at Highway inside Hammer editor, and would like to clarify the spawns a little bit. When you load up the map, the game will pick 1 spot out of possible 5 spots, and place one defibrillator there. These are the 5 possible spots:

In addition to this, there are 4 possible spawnpoints for defibs to spawn randomly, and you only need to check 2 spots to see all 4 spawnpoints! Here they are:

Fairgrounds, Coaster and Barns don't contain defib spawnpoints at all, so you have to find one in any of these spots.