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I've always wondered why the speedrun rules state that the game's FPS MUST be set to 30.

I recently went and uncapped the FPS in the Silent Patch, and I can see why. The game sped up by almost twice as much at 250-300 FPS, and it is impossible to navigate the menus being at ~3400 FPS.

So I'm wondering if this is why the game HAS to set to 30 FPS in speedruns, or if there's some other factor involved that will affect the time.


The game will act very weirdly and we decided not to use it.


Because without silent patch you can't change fps cap


You're not even able to be complete some of the missions with high FPS, the game glitches so much it's just stupid. So yeah, use Silent Patch, set it to 30 it's the best option.


60fps breaks collision mostly, and some animations such as throwing snowballs (eg: Balls of Snow)

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You guys are right about Balls of Snow. I just had that problem. I had to switch windows without pausing the game via ALT+TAB and some Steam window to have Jimmy equip another snowball.

But other than that, it's working great so far. I haven't played the whole game in 60 FPS just yet, so there'll probably be more surprises for me.