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Today was real bad for me, was doing full run attempts and my game crashed 4 times. I have a laptop running on Windows 10. Might downgrade back to Windows 8.


Alright Piston or anyone else here. Help me think through something here. I am crashing exclusively at the same spot every speedrun. In the mission the wrong part of town when the game transitions from the cutscene into the scripted on rails bike chase the game have crash 4 out of the last 5 times I've done it. No crashes anywhere else.

Any ideas?


save, then restart the game and try the mission? idk probably wont work


@Piston I found out that if you own Steam version of the game, launching it outside of steam actually makes game crash less, believe me or not. As for compatibility, I've set it to Windows XP SP3, but I'm not sure if it makes any difference. Also have Steam overlay disabled. With those things, I had crash-free experience through whole game, where previously I couldn't make it through Haloween...


Update: Against all odds, coupling your solutions here with my games current state, including verifying the integrity of files, has allowed me to get past the Mission I was stuck on.

I"m glad this blog is still working since I last tried to run Bully SE from Steam on my computers. Last time I was running 8.1, this time its windows 10. There have been a number of solutions that I tried that haven't totally alleviated my problems, and my game has been running fine for hte most part, except for the odd crash here and there. However, all of that changes when I get to Chapter 2's mission "The Eggs" where a cutscene segues to a highly scripted event. If I manage to have the cutscene play long enough for me to skip it, then i'm lucky, because it will then hang up while my character is sprinting to the back of the Preps' yard. This specific mission is causing my game to declare that Bully.exe has stopped working correctly, when the game otherwise is running stably enough. I've been playing around with the following solutions, barring the first one, which I haven't been too bothered with.

1: using Task Manager to set Bully.exe's affinity to CPU cores 0 & 1, instead of all 4 cores.
2: Setting Bully.exe's Priority to High, in the hopes that would help a bit.
3: using the Steam Launch command "-heapsize 1800000" in the hopes of hard limiting Bully's available memory to 1.8 Gigs of memory
4: trying various programs in the hopes of getting a virtual windowed mode, even though I'm running the Steam version. No luck there at all, might just try uninstalling programs.

We were told by Rockstar that Bully was an underperforming program, and requires solely 2 Gigs of Memory, and multi-core systems with greater amounts than that ( mine has 8 Gigs ) can lead to over-usage of Ram, resulting in the crashing, hangups, etc. So, that solution of using MSConfig to hardlimit the Systems Memory to 2 Gigs would be helpful if my Operating System didn't immediately hang up entirely, due to needing more than 2 gigs of memory. Hence, Solution 3 listed above, in the hopes of solely limiting the video game.