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Please add me as a series mod on OutRun.

We've had some requests for new platforms and categories for the main OutRun game and it's becoming untenable, so we need to be able to add a few new games so we can cleanly achieve this. I've discussed this with another mod (Tenebrae) and he agrees, since these ports are all so different.

I've posted on the series forum and the game forum for the one game that would be most affected and have had no negative responses, so now I'm asking here.

Thank you.


I've got a post in the series forum saying I'm planning on requesting series mod, and the main reason I'm doing so is to split up this game.

I'd like to split this game into the following games:

1. Arcade (and Arcade-equivalent ports)
2. Genesis/Mega Drive
3. SMS
4. PC-Engine
5. Game Gear (newly requested)

Does anyone strongly object to this? If so, please provide reasons you object.

I have found over the years that separating games like this leads to the best experience with the site, since potential moderators aren't notified of games they aren't qualified to run, and it enables better categorization rather than putting platform as the main category name.

Thanks for reading.


I'm writing this to see if anyone who may pay attention to this (not expecting anyone) would object to me requesting series mod.

I would have no power over games I don't moderate and the main power used would be to create new games.

The reason I'm looking to request this is because I want to split the main OutRun game leaderboard into multiple games based on platform. I'm posting in that game's forum to see if anyone objects strongly.


This is why I added "primary character" so anyone is welcome to track their runs via that. I don't think it warrants extra categories unless lots of people start running as different characters as really it's just a slower run.

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There is a pattern of miscommunication happening between users and mods of this site and this is my latest example of it.

I'm tiring of the change, so my tone may be more aggressive.


I'd like to share a story of the experience I had requesting a game.

1. Game is part of a series.
2. There are no series mods.
3. I had no idea nor did the requestgame page tell me games that are part of a series must be added through the oh-so-special link on the series page to request a game. This, by the way, just goes to /requestgame?series=foo
4. Game was rejected and I was asked to request it through the series.

There is no indication of the requirement that it go through series mods, and in this case there are no series mods. So I have to re-request the game. This is poor user experience.

My suggestion is that you add an autocomplete / dropdown / some form input for the parameter that you're currently just shoving onto the query string if you're going to require games that belong in series to be added through the button on the series page (which leads to zero difference in the page the user sees, despite it likely changing the form's output in some way). The button on the series page would allow you to auto-fill this value.

I'm curious as to why it must be done through the series page, but perhaps there's more terrible user-experience for the mod side of the site.


I would respond but since you've already decided to ignore any response I give, I suppose I'm writing into the ether.

Enjoy your fiefdom, mod.



Provided it abides by the law (it sounds like satire) and the content rules, sure.

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I don't really see how it would be "overrun" in the sense that it would interfere with much of anything else. Just ignore any drama over it and leave it in the dusty corner like you would anything else nobody "serious" cares about. Maybe this is just my perspective considering I ignore at least 95% of the games as it is. I see this site as a tool to build leaderboards for video game speedruns.

Regardless of my opinion, telling people the video game they played is "not notable" is probably not a good way to handle this (This is not the first thread I've seen recently about this phrasing). Just be honest and say "I don't care about Atari games so I'm just going to reject this game"

It seems to me that the game exists, has some kind of goal (I'm taking the submitter's word for this), and has at least one person who wants to play it. I don't see the harm when this is the case.


I'm confused by the attitude here from

I do understand that there is a cost, both economic (hosting and space have some cost) and "reputation" when it comes to adding games to the site.

However, the only reason this site is worth anything is it provides a toolset to create a speedrun leaderboard. Nothing else is of value to the users of the site.

If a game is deemed "not notable" then it would seem to me that the goal of the site is to be "Leaderboards for games we like" and that ruins the only aspect of the site that I liked, which is that essentially every game with an ending was welcome.

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If anyone is interested in more "details" message me on discord or Twitter.


I got ahold of a Brazilian Smurfs cart.

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Could you please create an OutRun series with: OutRun OutRun 2, Turbo OutRun, and OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast?



More fluid physics is usually a turn-off for me with these romhacks, but I'd love to test it.


What you're talking about is edge-boosting. You have to bump your head against the corner to gain a bit of extra height.


You used the cane before Janken, so I guess you don't feel that's a glitch. If you'd like to write the rules on what isn't allowed I can add them to a new category and move the runs.

I still don't see the point, but whatever.


This is not urgent but I'd like to request mod for Kenseiden.

The current mod has been inactive for 2 years and I've contacted them on twitch.

If not, please remove the 999h submission.
[Edit: normally I wouldn't ask, and all I'd be doing is cleaning up the board and requiring verification so I could see that it was at least an actual run. Feel free to mod the actual active runner instead]


Since you seem to be so insistent, I added a variable.

I then went through each run and by your own feeling of what a glitch is, I determined that every single run (though I can't determine randomjulien's run as the video is deleted) uses a "glitch" of some kind (at least the pause before janken).

So there you go, you have your pseudo-category.


Everyone is able to do the screen wrap glitch if they want.

What about the dialog skip glitch?


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