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Yo, yo, yo. How ’s it going BTD6 runners. Another month as gone, so let’s recap everything that happened this month.

Starting off with admin things
Update 31.0 looks like it’s going to drop in April. We’ll set up an entry for the new map as soon as it drops so those of you who are world record hungry can get your names up there immediately.

We’ve seen a lot of requests for new categories to be added to the game. Unfortunately, we have some internal issues at the moment when it comes to adding special categories to the leaderboards, so we’ll try to get that sorted. Also, it appears most people asking for new categories don’t actually speedrun this game, so to those people - your requests will hold more weight if you’re actually invested in the game.

The pause bug looks like it will continue to exist at least until update 32 as it’s not a priority for BTD6 devs at the moment. We will continue to allow runners to subtract 1/60th of a second for each pause in their run. NOTE: for best results, record at 60fps as recording at 30 fps may cause some pauses to be skipped.

And now let’s talk runners and strategy!
natom27 has been quietly running in the background setting many top 3 and top 5 pbs on multiple maps, and even lowering the Geared Easy WR. Congrats natom 🙂 and best of luck in April!

SummerPi set 10 or so world records on the course of March… all of which were promptly retaken by Arisune who doesn’t let Pi have a break! In lighter news, Pi seems to have fixed their frame capping issue, so they are now able to be competitive in full force! And they started by taking my Alpine Run Easy record 😑. Not cool man, not cool! Jokes aside, we look forward to seeing what you can do in April.

Burningflames set 2 records this month, but they were beaten by Arisune so they are lost now. But hey, maybe he will come back and retake them, if university work will allow 😛

Me, noneleft. I did some damage this month on easy mode records. I developed a new strat that I’m dubbing the “0.1 strat” (pronounced as ‘point one strat’) that has allowed me to get 39.1s across many beginner and intermediate maps. Feel free to use it to beat me. Oh and I set a 4:38 on Streambed but I don’t like talking about myself so it doesn’t matter.

Arisune. Where to start with this one. Well, how about two sub 14 minute impoppable times? They become the second person to ever sub 14 min which is awesome. The subbed 11:30 on Hard mode, becoming the first person to do that. And then they did it again. They surpassed 100 simultaneous records (115 as of writing this), and have just in general been insane at the game. There are currently 240 WRs available which means they basically have half of them. Truly a cracked gamer, great work.

And finally, FroSteeMate. This man, this absolute madlad just spent the entire month of March speedrunning every completing every single black border in BTD6, starting with Monkey Meadow and ending with all 10 expert maps, including Ravine, Bloody Puddles, and #Ouch. I don't think it can be overstated how amazing this is. The amount of dedication and willpower to keep going, 31 days in a row for sometimes over 8 hours a day. But he completed all 59 black borders. Congratulations, Frostee. Absolute legend.

Some statistics:
Just one for now, the sum of best across all maps was lowered by 13 minutes in March, from 39:43:19.466 to 39:30:29.187. Very nice.

Well, that’s all for now. Congrats to everyone who submitted a run this month. See you in May!

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these are some very interesting things Thank you


Just you wait til my Every Black Border% gains traction

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